Y. Nishida Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The outside spiker for the Japanese men’s volleyball team, Yuji Nishida, stated on Tuesday that he had been playing through two ailments to help the hosts.

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Y. Nishida Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Y. Nishida only scored eight points against Venezuela, but he went off for a career-high 23 in Japan’s comeback victory over Canada on Monday.

Injuries to his ankle and thigh muscle both occurred during the team’s Nations League season, which concluded only last month.Y Nishida Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

“I still feel some pain (from the thigh injury) and haven’t entirely recovered. But more than that, Y. Nishida told reporters, “It’s the Olympics, and I’m determined to compete, even if I have to push my body really hard.

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Since winning (against Canada) will benefit the team as a whole, “I thought I should perform well for the people who have supported me,” the player said.

Y. Nishida claimed he was still performing at roughly “70%” of his best despite the injuries, and Japan’s coach Yuichi Nakagaichi was relieved that his player was able to vent some of his displeasure on Canada.

He put in a lot of effort, and I wished he’d see some sort of improvement in his playing as a result. Y Nishida has returned,” Nakagaichi stated.

Currently Ranked 11th in the World

Japan is currently ranked 11th in the world, and their Olympic volleyball team captain Yuki Ishikawa is drawing motivation from the country’s rich athletic history.

Japanese athletes have dominated the Olympic competition, taking home nine gold medals across several disciplines, from judo to skateboarding.

It was because of them that we were inspired to give a fantastic performance on this platform,” Ishikawa explained.

Teams in other sports, such as basketball and women’s volleyball, are also giving their all, and that serves as a source of motivation for us.

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