J. Foroughi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Korean marksman Jin Jong-oh, who had a poor Tokyo Olympics, has protested the IOC for allowing an Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps member to compete and win a gold medal in the 10-meter air pistol event, asking, “How can a terrorist win first place?” That’s the silliest and most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard.

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J. Foroughi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The six-time medalist told that it was “absolute lunacy” to let J Foroughi compete in the Tokyo Olympics because he belonged to an IRGC militia, which was designated a terrorist organisation by former US president Donald Trump in 2019.

J Foroughi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

An interesting tale can be gleaned from J. Foroughi thoughts. He was working as a nurse when a security officer presented him with a pistol and instructed him in its use; they then went to the hospital’s basement to practise.

His first experience with pistol shooting was in a hall underneath the hospital where he worked as a nurse, he revealed in an interview before the Games.

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Before being shown the ropes, he had never ever seen a pistol, but after a few rounds of practise, he was able to get about 85 points out of 10.

The Iranian newspaper Javan praised his efforts, writing, “An unexpected medal… obtained by a Guards nurse who is at the same time a defender of health and of the temple.”

In winning gold, the 41-year-old J Foroughi set a new Olympic record with 244.8 points; seventh place finisher and qualification leader Saurabh Chaudhary, of India, was also in the competition.

As the first Iranian to win a national title in pistol and rifle competition, I have a lot to celebrate. J Foroughi bragged to reporters in the mixed zone that Iran had never even won a bronze medal at the Olympics before he changed that.

“I’m Glad I did Okay for My Nation in the Army…”

His work as a nurse during the COVID-19 epidemic is less well known, but it’s likely the reason he tested positive for the virus himself last year.

I work as a nurse in a hospital, and I’ve spent a lot of time there recently due to the COVID epidemic. Because I work in a hospital, my COVID test came back positive last year, but I was able to recuperate and resume my Olympic preparations this year.

After beating the infection the first time, he contracted it again and had to skip training for a whole month.

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Last Words

My test came back positive while I was training for the Olympics. I took off almost a month from Olympic preparations and then got back into it,” he explained.

The experienced shooter is in top form this year, having already won gold at the World Cup in March in Delhi and now adding the gold from the ISSF World Cup held in Croatia in June.


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