V. Fuchs Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

V. Fuchs, the current leader of the United States boxing team, was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) at a young age, which may explain why she chose boxing as a sport.

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V. Fuchs Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The OCD sufferer from Texas can’t relax unless her whole body is spotless.

How does V. Fuchs handle the grimy world of boxing, where exchanging blood and pathogens with your opponent is commonplace?

As a form of treatment, boxing helps me focus less on my OCD and more on the present moment.

V. Fuchs Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

“When I hit the weights, I think mostly on how I might improve my performance at work. When we fight, I am aware that I will get other people’s sweat and blood on me, but I try not to let it bother me because my main goal is to improve and to win the [Olympic] gold medal.”

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Back on dry soil, V. Fuchs was favoured to win the Americas Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in March 2020 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and thereby secure a spot in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The coronavirus pandemic forced organisers to push the event back to 2021, just in time for nothing to go wrong.

In June of 2020, the USADA Revealed that she had Tested Positive for Doping.

Her out-of-competition urine sample in February tested positive for a metabolite of the drug letrozole and another of the drug GW1516, both of which can result in a four-year ban for athletes.

Thankfully, V. Fuchs was exonerated of any guilt after investigators determined that she had accidentally swallowed steroids from her companion, who was taking them for medical purposes.

The American boxer put the setback behind her and returned her attention to boxing in preparation for the rescheduled Americas qualifying.

However, a year later, the event was called off altogether after it became clear that many participants would be unable to participate due to financial or scheduling constraints imposed by the International Olympic Committee.

“The Olympics Seem Like They were Written in My Future.”

Instead, the BTF rankings determined who would compete in the Olympics, and since V. Fuchs has been in the top three at Flyweight for the whole last Olympic cycle, she will be competing in Tokyo.

She will serve as a mentor to the team in Tokyo due to her experience as Team Captain in the Olympic Games in Rio.

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