Kevin O’Leary Net Worth, Life, Family and More

Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian entrepreneur, venture capitalist, investor, and television personality who has a reported net worth of an astonishing $400 million. Kevin O’Leary has acquired majority of his net worth by becoming the founder of the software company known as SoftKey International. During the 1990s, the company was a publisher of personal computer software. Here in this article, you’ll come to know about Kevin O’Leary Net Worth, Wife, Height, Age, Achievements, family and much more.

Kevin O'Leary Net Worth, Life, Family

The software was distributed on platforms such as CD-ROM and was programmed for use on Windows and Macintosh PCs. Kevin started the company with a $10,000 investment which he got from his mother. Later, with the help of Gary Babcock and John Freeman, he started the company in the basement of his Toronto home. By 1994, Softkey had acquired more than sixty of its competitor’s companies including big names such as WordStar, Broderbund and Spinnaker Software.

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Kevin O’Leary Family and Life

O’Leary was born on July 9, 1954 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was one of two sons of Georgette, a small-business proprietor and investor of Lebanese descent, and Terry O’Leary, a salesman of Irish descent. Kevin has a younger brother named Shane O’Leary. Due to his paternal roots, Kevin also has Irish citizenship and carries an Irish passport.

O’Leary’s parents filed for divorce when he was a just a small child. The major reason behind was his father’s addiction to alcohol. His father passed away shortly thereafter. After his father’s funeral, his mother operated the business as an executive.

His mother later got married to an economist, George Kanawaty, who worked with the UN’s Int’l Labour Organization. His stepfather’s international assignments caused the family to move frequently, and O’Leary had residence in many places while he was growing up like Cambodia, Tunisia, and Cyprus. Kevin attended Stanstead College and St. George School which were located in Quebec.

Kevin O’Leary Professions

He is an actor, author, entrepreneur, journalist, film producer, politician, commentator, TV producer, TV personality and venture capitalist.