Is Sky Brown Competing in The 2021 Olympics

Skateboarding has been a huge success at the Tokyo Olympics so far, surprising even the organisers themselves.

Both the men’s and women’s street events have been won by Japanese skateboarders, much to the delight of the Japanese media and government officials who were able to gain access to the skatepark.

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Is Sky Brown Competing in The 2021 Olympics

The decision to add skating to the Olympic programme was met with much debate. When asked by The Independent what he thought of the sport being included in the Olympics, Seb Coe rolled his eyes and responded, “It’s in there.”

Is Sky Brown Competing in The 2021 Olympics

Skateboarders themselves have expressed some doubts, fearing that the sport is abandoning its radical roots in favour of commercialism.

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So far, however, it has succeeded in bridging that gap, proving popular with a wider audience while maintaining at least an air of authenticity (as evidenced by the prevalence of images of athletes performing in jeans and with headphones).

Sky Brown, a 13-year-old phenomenon in Britain, will be performing at the ‘park’ event on August 4. There will be preliminary heats at 9 a.m. JST/1 a.m. BST, followed by the final at 12.30 p.m. JST/4.30 a.m. BST on the same day.

Can Somebody Tell Me Who Sky Brown is?

She is a pioneer of the next generation of sports, a digital age superstar who will make history as the youngest Olympian to represent Great Britain in the sport of skateboarding at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

Sky Brown, who recently turned 13, will compete in the Women’s Park skateboarding event at the Olympics, making her around a month younger than Great Britain’s previous youngest Summer Olympian, Margery Hinton, who swam in the 200-meter breaststroke in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam.

Brown, who is also an accomplished surfer, divides her time between California and Miyazaki, on Japan’s southernmost major island, Kyushu, and has amassed a following of over a million people on Instagram and a similarly large number of subscribers to the YouTube channel she shares with her younger brother (and fellow skateboarder) Ocean.

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