Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth, Height, Age, Personal Life, Career Highlight, and More

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is his full name where he was born on July 30, 1947. He is known worldwide as he is a very famous actor in both Australia and America.

Apart from acting, he is also a businessman, bodybuilder, politician, and also a former Governor of California for nearly 8 years from 2003 to 2011.

His craze for weight lifting started when he was just 15 years of age where it brought him the title of Mr.Universe at his 20th age. He also won Mr.Olympia for nearly seven times. He has written many books and articles on the sport.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth

His consistency and successful career became the dominant factors to introduce Arnold Sports Festival. Undoubtedly, He is the greatest and fittest bodybuilder of all time who is also a sport’s ambassador.

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What You Want to Know?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Highlights

The notable career highlights of Arnold are listed below:

Competition Highlights are:

  • Won Junior Mr. Europe in Germany during 1965
  • Best Built Man of Europe in Germany during 1966
  • Europe in Germany during 1966
  • International Powerlifting Championship in Germany during 1966
  • NABBA Mr. Universe Amateur in London during 1967
  • NABBA Mr. Universe Professional in London during 1968
  • German Powerlifting Championship in Germany during 1968
  • IFBB Mr. International in Mexico during 1968
  • IFBB Mr. Universe Amateur in New York during 1969
  • NABBA Mr. Universe Professional in London during 1969
  • NABBA Mr. Universe Professional in London during 1970
  • AAU Mr. World Columbus in Ohio during 1970
  • Olympia in New York during 1970
  • Olympia in Paris during 1971
  • Olympia in Essen, Germany during 1972
  • Olympia in New York during 1973
  • Olympia in New York during 1974
  • Olympia in South Africa during 1975
  • Olympia in 1980


  • The Terminator during 1984
  • Commando during 1985
  • Predator during 1987
  • Total Recall during 1990
  • Kindergarten Cop during 1990
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day during 1991
  • Eraser during 1996
  • Collateral Damage during 2002
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines during 2003
  • The Expendables 2 during 2012
  • The Expendables 3 2014
  • Terminator Genisys during 2015
  • Aftermath during 2017
  • Terminator: Dark Fate during 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth

As Arnold was known worldwide as a very successful bodybuilder and an unstoppable terminator in acting, he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood industry of entertainment world.

His source of income comes from acting, modelling, bodybuilding, business, politics, film producing, television directing and also writing.

It is estimated recently in 2020 that his net worth is collectively $400 million. He consistently turned over a salary of $30 million for each movie during the peak of his acting career.

His earnings were invested in many firms at the beginning of 1970, like real estate and a variety of investments. He earned nearly $100 million using real estate investment alone.

In the year 1968, he moved to America with a saving of $27,000 from competition awards. After placing a strong foundation in Hollywood he started to invest in real estate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Career

When Schwarzenegger was too young, he got stumbled by looking upon a bodybuilding magazine that made him to become mesmerized, and that’s how his craze for bodybuilding started to bloom.

He has won Mr. Universe for five times because of his hard work and efforts, also winning the most prestigious Mr.Olympia for over seven times.

Though he stayed in America, he had a great Austrian accent proving him to be the right fit to act in movies because of his beast body size and fitness with charm.

His dialogue, I’ll be back is loved by many people out there in the his role in the movie “Terminator”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Early Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, a tiny village in Austria. His parents led a middle-class life where Gustav, his father worked as a local chief of police and a homemaker mother.

His father wanted Arnold to become a police officer like him where his mother wanted him to be a trader after studying in trade school, but to everyone’s surprise he became a bodybuilder later.

He became the youngest person to win Mr. Universe in the year 1967. After tasting all the success he was in the urge to learn more as he attended business school during his spare time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Personal Life

He met Barbara, English teacher in the year 1969 and lived with her until 1974.

Later in 2006, she released In the Shadow of the Austrian Oak as a memory of Arnold and her relationship. They shared an apartment in California.

His next relationship happened with Beverley Hills as they first met in the year 1977 on Venice Beach and also had a open relationship.

Later he met Maria Shriver in August 1977 having realtionship with both the women at the same time.

He married a television personality named Maria Shriver who is also a niece of Former President Kennedy who served from 1986 to 2017.

This couple have four children but they got divorced in the year 2011 as he had a 14 year old son with housekeeper but their divorce took over six years to settle down.

Joint ownership is held by Maria and him for their home in Brentwood as well as their properties like Sun Valley, Hyannis Port, Idaho as well as for Massachusetts.

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Arnold always wanted to be at the top position so he climbed on the ladder of hard work, to everyone’s surprise his efforts paid him off.

He is an independent person with self motivation as none of his family members came forward to boost and encourage him.

But he was very consistent as he is a continuous learner and achiever in movies and also in many other fields he worked.


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