Dana White Net Worth, Age and Height, Family, Personal Life, Career, and More

Dana White is an American businessman. He is the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Here in this article, You’ll come to know about Dana White Net Worth, Wife, Height, Age, Achievements, family and much more.

dana white net worth

Dana White was born in Manchester, on July 28, 1969.

What You Want to Know?

Dana White Net Worth

As of 2023, Dana White’s estimated net worth is around $500 million. A staggering figure that didn’t just come overnight but was the result of years of strategic planning, audacious decision-making, and pure hard work.

Dana White: Age and Personal Life

Born on July 28, 1969, Dana White is 54 years old as of 2023. Born in Manchester, Connecticut, White had an early love for sports, especially boxing.

His age is often mentioned in conjunction with his extensive experience and mastery over the business of sports entertainment.

Despite being in his 50s, Dana White has shown no signs of slowing down; in fact, his influence in the UFC and the sport of MMA continues to grow.

Dana White: Height and Physicality

Dana White stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 11 inches. While height may not seem like an essential aspect of a corporate executive’s profile, it has contributed to his larger-than-life persona in the world of MMA.

Whether he is towering over a podium during press conferences or standing alongside fighters in the Octagon, his height complements his commanding presence.

Financial Milestones in Dana White’s Career

Acquiring the UFC

White, along with business partners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, purchased the UFC for a meager $2 million in 2001. At that time, the sport was not only unpopular but was also banned in several states.

Transforming the UFC

Dana White’s business acumen played an essential role in the exponential growth of the UFC. Under his leadership, the organization became recognized as the most significant MMA promotion globally, securing major TV deals and attracting top-tier talent.

Sale of UFC

In 2016, the UFC was sold for an estimated $4 billion to a group led by WME-IMG. Despite the sale, Dana White remained at the helm, owning a smaller percentage but still significantly increasing his net worth.

Dana White’s Income Sources

  • UFC Earnings: A significant chunk of Dana White’s net worth comes from the UFC. He reportedly makes around $20 million per year from the organization.
  • Endorsement Deals: While not as substantial as his UFC income, White does have several endorsement deals that add to his net worth.
  • Investments: Dana White is also known for his investments outside of the UFC, although specific details are often kept private.

Dana White Personal Life: Parents, Spouse, and Family

Dana was born to June White but has been rather private about his father. In his personal life, he is married to Anne White, and the couple has three children.

Dana White House and Lifestyle

Known for his lavish lifestyle, Dana White resides in a luxurious home in Las Vegas, Nevada. The estate reflects his success in the business of combat sports.

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Dana White Career Highlights

Here are some of Dana White’s Career Highlights:

  • Dana bought the UFC (1987)
  • First UFC Live fight on TV (1997)
  • Becomes UFC President (2001)
  • UFC broke the pay-per-view industry’s all-time record for earning over $222,766,000 in revenue (2010)

Dana White Awards and Recognition

Though not a recipient of traditional awards, White’s influence was acknowledged when he was named one of the “Most Influential People” by Time Magazine.

Dana White Social Media Presence

White is highly active on social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram. He uses these platforms to make important announcements and to interact with fans and fighters alike.

Dana White Instagram


Dana White Facebook


Dana White Twitter


Dana White The UFC Connection: Ownership and Beyond

Did Dana White Own UFC?

While Dana White did not originally own UFC, he has been crucial in its growth. Along with Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, White bought the UFC for $2 million in 2001. He currently serves as its President.

Has Dana White Ever Fought in MMA?

Though intimately connected with the world of MMA, Dana White has never fought professionally. He does, however, have a background in boxing and even taught a boxing class for a period.

How Much Did Dana White Pay to Buy UFC?

Dana White, along with his partners, acquired the UFC for a mere $2 million in 2001. The investment has since paid off exponentially, with the UFC being sold for approximately $4 billion in 2016, although White continues to serve as its President.

Controversies and FAQs

Dana White Ex-Affairs and Relationships

White has maintained a private family life and has not been publicly linked to any extramarital affairs.

Did Dana White Ever Receive Any Awards?

While not accumulating traditional accolades like Oscars or Grammys, White’s recognition comes in the form of business success and influence, best epitomized by his inclusion in Time’s list of “Most Influential People.”


Dana White’s name is synonymous with the UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts. His business strategies, combined with his passion for the sport, have propelled both him and the UFC to monumental heights.

From his net worth to his role in the UFC, Dana White is a figure who captures public interest in multiple dimensions.

Dana White Quotes

“Hell, forget about college. I barely finished high school.” – Dana White

“He was down in Miami, and I said, ‘You know what? I just found out the UFC is for sale. What do you think? And he said, ‘That’s interesting.’ A month later we owned it.” – Dana White


“They were college educated, they were good guys. There was so much misconception about the sport and the guys that fight.” – Dana White

“What would happen if we got out there and really promoted it in the right way and let people know what kind of athletes these are.” – Dana White

“If I’m not spending time with my family, then there is nothing I would want to do. No games, no hobbies, no special interests. This company, those fighters, this job, they’re my hobby. This is my life. It’s my everything.” – Dana White

“We’ve been at the tipping point for awhile now. We finally got to the point where we couldn’t be denied anymore. We’ve been kick boxing and wrestling’s asses for the last year and a half. We’re selling out venues; we’re breaking records everywhere we go.” – Dana White

“It was pretty cool. If you would have asked me ten years ago if this is where I would have been in ten years, I would have laughed in your face.” – Dana White

“A lot of times, kids go to college and take a major because they do what they think they’re supposed to do. I told them I believe 90 percent of America gets up in the morning and drives to a job they hate. That could have happened to me in the hotel industry.” – Dana White

“We didn’t buy this to make billions of dollars. We saw something in this sport and in the fighters that we thought was incredible.” – Dana White