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Lori Greiner is an American entrepreneur, investor and television personality who is famously known for her TV show ‘Shark Tank’. She has also been called a ruthless investor of all time. She is also known as “Warm Blooded Shark”. As of 2019, Lori Greiner’s net worth is reported to be around $ 100 million. She worked as a playwright before making a mark on jewelry organizing that she invented herself and sold it on ‘Home Shopping Network’ and also at JC Penny.

Since 2000, she has hosted a QVC-TV show called “Clever and Unique Creations by Lori”.  She claims that she has 120 patents and an astounding 700 products to her name. She is also the author of best-selling book “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It”. Her salary is also said to be around the $ 5 million mark. In 2016, she invested $ 10.6 million, investing $7.6 million solo and the other 3 million on various group deals.

According to CNBC, Greiner claimed her best investment was ‘Scrub Daddy’ investing some $200,000 for a 25% stake in the company in 2012 – and after a few years, the sponge company became one of Shark Tanks’ most successful investments, earning more than $50 million in sales. Her products have also been featured in magazines like O, The Oprah Magazine, InStyle and Woman’s Day.

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Lori Greiner Family and Life

Lori Greiner was born on December 9, 1969. She grew up on Near North Side, Chicago. She graduated after pursuing communication in Loyola University Chicago. She also worked for Chicago Tribune while in college. She was briefly a playwright and a jewelry designer and seller.

Lori Greiner is most famously known for his exploits in TV series ‘Shark Tank’ and company ‘QVC’. She got married to Daniel Greiner in 1996.

Lori Greiner Professions

She is an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, writer and a TV personality.