Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Influencer Expecting Baby With Moses …

The 33-year-old internet celebrity and her husband, Moses Hacmon, revealed the happy news on Valentine’s Day. Trisha posted a sonogram shot to Instagram under the caption, “Love at first [heart] beat” to share in the joy of the happy news.

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Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Influencer Expecting Baby With Moses …

Moses captioned an Instagram snapshot of him and his wife beaming over a printed out sonogram of their unborn child, “Our little miracle.” “Parental unit. Favorite Valentine’s Day present ever!”

Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Influencer Expecting Baby With Moses ...

After Moses shared his news, his future daughter-in-law Trisha reacted with some kind words for the new father. The YouTuber expressed gratitude for “the best present of all.” With the arrival of this baby, you have successfully fulfilled all my wildest aspirations.

Trisha, who came out as non-binary in April of this year and who prefers the pronouns they/them, married their partner of one year in December of 2021.

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Trisha told their fans about their infertility issues before they announced their pregnancy. Trisha said in a 2016 video that they had been diagnosed with PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), an illness of the reproductive organs that can cause fertility problems.

Now, Trisha revealed that they are at the “most peace that [they’ve] ever felt” since learning about the pregnancy a few weeks previously in a similar announcement video posted to their YouTube page on February 14.

I can’t believe it in so many ways, yet it feels so perfect, Trisha said. “I’ve had this sudden feeling of direction,” she said.

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Last Words

The controversial influencer, 33 years old, has almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube and has documented their struggle with infertility.

They claimed in a video titled “Why I can’t have children,” which was posted to YouTube in January 2016, that they were told they would never be able to conceive naturally after contracting chlamydia as a teenager.

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