How to Reverse Audio on Snapchat

Is the Backwards Challenge familiar to you? I couldn’t stop laughing during that Snapchat clip. I’ll show you the inner workings. You’ll choose a word (or action) and try to mimic its sound and motion by saying it backward and then acting it out in reverse.

You have to admit, it’s a very sweet proposition. You’ve found the ideal thread if you want to participate in this challenge on Snapchat with your loved ones. Here is a basic and quick tutorial on how to reverse a Snapchat video. Let’s go investigate right away!

How to Reverse Audio on Snapchat

What You Want to Know?

Snapchat Video Inversion Guide

Making a video backwards on Snapchat isn’t a difficult chore. Snapchat’s in-built Reverse effect is the quickest and easiest solution. The audio cannot be reversed while using this Snapchat feature, which is a major drawback.

  • Launch the Snapchat app and sign in using your account information.
  • Choose the Plus button located near the bottom of the screen.
  • The video recording process can begin with a tap of the Record button.
  • Tap the checkbox next to the Record button when you’re finished recording.
  • You can also upload a video from your device’s Camera Roll or Gallery and flip it in Snapchat.
  • Look for a little, round icon labelled “Effects” in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • The button for the context menu was conveniently placed at the screen’s edge and could be tapped at any moment.
  • After selecting the Reverse button, the clip will play backwards. You can now watch a preview of the video playing backwards.
  • To permanently apply the inverse, select Save in the menu’s upper right corner.
    To proceed to the shipping page, please touch Next.
  • In the description, you can include a hashtag or a friend’s ID. It’s time to post your Snapchat on the internet, so go ahead and press the Post button.

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Here’s How to Play a Snapchat Video Backwards (With Sound) (10s on Max)

Because Snapchat does not permit the reverse option on videos that are more than 10 seconds in length, you can rely on Snapchat to reverse a Snapchat video and audio in order to make a Backwards Word Challenge video in Snapchat.

  • The Snapchat app must be opened and signed in to.
  • Open the Snapchat video you wish to reverse in Snapchat by tapping the icon directly
  • below the Record button to access your Camera Roll/Capture Gallery.
  • Select Edit Video by clicking the More Options button.
  • The Reverse filter, represented by three reversing arrows, can be accessed by swiping left through the available filters after the Snapchat video has completely loaded.

At last, save the Snapchat backwards to your mobile devices by using the Download icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

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A Guide to Playing Back Your Snapchat Videos and Audio in Reverse (Longer Than 10 Seconds)

Uploading a video on Snapchat longer than 10 seconds will prevent you from using the rewind filter. To use the rewind filter in Snapchat, you must first divide a Snapchat video into several smaller clips.


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