P Diddy Net Worth

P Diddy is originally known as Sean John Comb. He is a renowned American artist who is known for his various talents. P Diddy is Sean’s stage name just like, Puff Daddy, Brother Love, and etc. Diddy earned a lot of respect and goodwill in the fields of Singing, Rapping, and Acting. He is also a successful businessman who holds his label “Bad Boy Entertainment”.

He was born to Janice and Melvin on November 4, 1969. His parents were talented and very much stable. His mother was a working woman. She was a teacher and a model and his father was an army man.

P Diddy Net Worth

His total net worth is estimated at about $855 million. He has earned a lot of respect and goodwill.


Below are provided few of Diddy’s hard work:


1. 2001: Made and Monster’s Ball

2. 2010: I am still here

3. 2014: Draft Day

4. 2017: The Defiant Ones


1. 1997: No way out

2. 1999: Forever

3. 2001: Saga Continues

4. 2006: Press Play

5. 2010: Last Train To Paris

Early Life and Career Beginnings

It was Harlem, the city in New York, where Diddy was born. He was an infant of about 2 years when he lost his father. Diddy’s father’s death was not an accident but a thoughtful Conspiracy. After the death of his father, he grew up in Mount Vernon. Even after losing his father at a very small stage, Diggy completed his graduation, in 1987, from Mount Michael Academy.

He is also a dropout from Howard University. He left the school in his second year and joined an internship under “Uptown Records” as he was a talented singer.

Diggy was so amazing at his skills that he became the director of Uptown records and has also shown the way to several struggling artists to grow successfully. Diggy is not only talented and successful but also very strong.

When he got fired from “Uptown Record” he created his own label “Bad Boy Entertainment” with an American record label, known as “Arista Records”. After that, there was no looking back and he worked with many newcomers as well.

Music Career

After leaving Uptown Record he found his label and an artist named, Biggie Smalls. Biggie’s smalls were new to the industry and therefore he started working with Craig Mack and they both started publishing commendable pieces of art with the same label.

Diggy also found a production team named, The Hitmen. He had also faced rivalry issues with his few competitors at the beginning of his career.

He not only started his career with his label but recorded his first song as a rapper which earned a lot of profit in the year 1997. Diddy changed his stage name twice.

Once in 2001 he changed his name to P Diddy from “Puff Diddy”, then again he changed his name to Diddy in 2005 due to which he was sued by Richard Dearlove, who is also an artist. According to Richard, “Diddy” is his stage name since 1992 and therefore it was decided that John Combs will not use “Diddy” as his stage name in the boundaries of the U.K.

Below are provided P. Diddy’s Income from the beginning:

1. $28 million: 2007

2. $35 million: 2008

3. $30 million: 2009

4. $30 million: 2010

5. $35 million: 2011

6. $45 million: 2012

7. $50 million: 2013

8. $60 million: 2014

9. $60 million: 2015

10. $62 million: 2016

11. $130 million: 2017

12. $64 million: 2018

13. $103 million: 2019

14. $55 million: 2020

Below are listed few Awards which Diggy won.

1. NAACP Image Awards: 2009

2. Bet Awards: 2003

3. MTV Video Music Awards: 1997

4. Grammy Awards: 1998

Personal Life

Diggy had been into many relationships and he have six children in all. In 1993 he became father for the first time. At that time he was in a relationship with Misa Hilton-Brim. Then from the second relation he became father of 3 children, one son, and twin daughters.

The second relationship lasted from 1994 -2007 with several ups and downs. He also adopted a child. Then he was with Sarah Chapman and they were blessed with a baby girl. He also has his own house in New Jersey, which he bought for $7 million.

Diggy was also found trapped in legal issues in between. He was arrested several times by the police officers with different charges. Once he was found driving with a suspended license in 2001. Diggy went through a lot and became successful with his all blood and sweat.

Diggy was also investigated by the police officers for the violation of weapons and in the matter of bribing the driver. Diggy was into charities and donations and had also helped many people. He is a founder of “House Social Programs” which was founded to help the young generation in enhancing their skills by giving classes in various fields, in 1995.

He does not believe in helping by offering cash but useful material as well. Diggy has donated computers, books, and clothes from his business to the victims. He is a man of honor and a person with a golden heart. He is always ready to help the needy.


Diddy is a very famous and talented celebrity in the world. He is successful and has a hard-working personality. Diddy is believed to be the second-richest person. He is not only a singer or rapper but also a philanthropist and an actor.

Diddy has faced lot of struggles in his life. His struggling days started from the day he lost his father. The success which he is holding now is a fruit of his pure hard work. Diddy is also a responsible man who knows his responsibility and therefore he takes care of every child.

He also believes in donating money to needy ones. He has also been a part of several donations. He is a man with a brave heart.


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