Rick Ross Net Worth, Age and Height, Albums, Family, Career Highlights, and More

Rick Ross is a successful artist with many talents. He is a rapper, producer, entrepreneur, CEO, producer and he also writes his song. He is also famous by the names, Rozay, The Boss, Renzel, Teflon.

Several times in his career he has achieved the label of the highest-paid rappers. Here in this article, You’ll come to know about Rick Ross Net Worth, Family, Albums, Height, Age, Achievements, and much more.

Rick Ross Net Worth Albums Height Age Family

He found his record label with the name “Maybach Music Group” in 2009, and since then all of his albums have been released under the same label.

MTV has labelled Ross Rick as the “Hottest MC in the Game”, in 2012. His estimated Net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $40 million.

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What You Want to Know?

Rick Ross Net Worth

Rick Ross owns 25 Wingstop franchises around the U.S and some in Memphis. According to the sources, he earns $10.8 million annually and $1.8 are annual profits, approximately.

As of 2020, Rick Ross Net Worth is $40 Million. Earning money is not that much difficult in the 21st century. You can have fun by enjoying live casino online.

Rick Ross Age and Height

Born on January 28, 1976, Rick Ross is currently 47 years old as of 2023. Standing at an impressive 6 feet tall, the rapper’s physique is as imposing as his stage presence.

Rick Ross Full Name

Though he’s known globally as Rick Ross, his birth name is William Leonard Roberts II. He adopted his stage name from “Freeway” Rick Ross, a former drug trafficker, though the two have no actual connection.

Rick Ross Education

Rick Ross attended historically black college Albany State University on a football scholarship but eventually decided to pursue a career in music.

Highlights of Rick Ross’s career:

  • 2006 – Port of Miami
  • 2008 – Trilla
  • 2009 – Deeper than Rap
  • 2010 – Teflon Don
  • 2011 – Ashes to Ashes
  • 2012 – Rich Forever
  • 2014 – Mastermind
  • 2014 – Hood Billionaire
  • 2015 – Black Market
  • 2015 – Black Dollar
  • 2017 – Rather You Than Me
  • 2019 – Port of Miami 2

Rick Ross Record Labels

Rick Ross made a splash in the music industry through his debut album “Port of Miami” in 2006, released under the label Def Jam Recordings.

Since then, he has worked with multiple record labels but most notably founded his own, Maybach Music Group (MMG) in 2009. MMG has since become a major name in the industry, signing artists like Wale and Meek Mill.

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Top 10 Rules by Rick Ross to Become Successful

  1. Think about the future.
  2. Follow your Heart.
  3. Keep Changing.
  4. Seize Opportunities.
  5. Find your inspiration.
  6. Create for yourself.
  7. Be Ambitious.
  8. Build with family.
  9. Don’t be content.

Rick Ross Career

Rick Ross was a correctional officer in December 1995 and worked till he resigned in June 1997. Ross was not in favour to accept the fact that he worked as Correctional Officer until some evidence and peer pressure from viewers forced him to admit it.

Rick Ross Career

Ross started his career with the song ” Ain’t Shhh to Discuss”. He recorded the song for the label “DreamWorks”, “Def Squad Presents Erick Onasis” and the album was of another American rapper, Erick Sermon.

He at first signed “8ball & MJ5”, rap duo, and made a deal with “Slip-n-Slide records” under the label, “Def Jam” and had also given numerous amount of stage performances with “Trick Daddy”, an American rapper.

He is also a founder of the label “Maybach Music Group” in 2009. Ross showed up on VH1’s well-known show Snoop and Martha’s Potluck Dinner Party. He was asked to do a task related to cooking with Martha Stewart.

Rick Ross Albums

  • Port of Miami (2006)
  • Trilla (2008)
  • Deeper Than Rap (2009)
  • Teflon Don (2010)
  • God Forgives, I Don’t (2012)
  • Mastermind, Hood Billionaire (both in 2014)
  • Black Market (2015)
  • Rather You Than Me (2017)
  • Port of Miami 2 (2019)

Rick Ross Awards

Rick Ross has received numerous awards and nominations, including BET Awards and Grammy nominations. His impact on the rap and hip-hop industry remains substantial, and his albums continue to receive critical acclaim.

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Rick Ross Early Life

Earlier, Rick Ross was known as, William Leonard Roberts II. On January 28, 1976, he was born, in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the U.S.

He had completed his schooling from “Miami Carol City Senior High School” and through football scholarship, he got a chance to attend “Historically Black College Albany State University”, for further studies.

He had worked as a former correctional officer from December 1995 to June 1997. Since then he is a rapper, writer, singer, entrepreneur, actor, and successful Ceo.

He changed his name from William Leonard Robert II to Rick Ross in the year 2000, which was derived from the former drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross. He is now a well – known celebrity with the same name.

Rick Ross Personal Life

Rick Ross is a Christian, and he had described his religion in an interview by saying, “I had let myself know at one point regardless of what I experience, I never question God.” Also, Ross stated that he prays each time he goes in front of an audience to perform.

He is a believer in God. Once, Ross’ past identity was revealed by the “Smoking Gun” and because of that “Freeway” Rick Ross, learned that Robert used his identity and had claimed the same.

Rick Ross Personal Life

When Ross was exposed with some documents and the photograph by The Smoking Gun, which is actually a website that produces legal documents, Ross at first denied the allegations, but had to agree on the same as there were clear pieces of evidence that he used to work as a correctional officer in Florida.

The photograph was firstly released by a website “The Media Out”. Ross suffered two seizures one after other, on October 14, 2011.

Ross was fine after his first seizure, but later, in the evening he got his second seizure and taken to the hospital in Birmingham Alabama. Later, he was declared healthy after a few tests.

Also, he described his past condition about his seizures in the remix tune of Meek Mill in, “Ima Boss”, song, with “Had two or three seizures call it minor difficulties/Everybody appealing to God for me, I regard that/Woke up in the emergency clinic, where my checks at?/then I put 8 chains where my neck’s at”.

Ross proposed to Lira Mercer and was engaged to her in 2015. Rick has four children Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Berkeley Hermes Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts.

Rick Ross Sons

  1. William Roberts III
  2. Billion Leonard Roberts

Rick Ross Daughters

  1. Toie Roberts
  2. Berkeley Hermes Roberts

Rick Ross Parents

Rick Ross was born to Tommie Roberts and his wife. Not much information is publicly available about his parents, and Ross has been relatively private about his early life.

Rick Ross Ex-Affairs

Rick Ross has had his share of high-profile relationships. Though he’s never been married, he has been linked with fashion designer Shateria Moragne-El and Instagram model Lira Galore, among others.

Rick Ross House

Living up to his luxurious lifestyle, Rick Ross owns a lavish mansion in Fayetteville, Georgia, once owned by boxing legend Evander Holyfield. The estate is said to have 109 rooms, including a movie theater and a bowling alley.

Rick Ross Social Media Presence

An avid user of social media, Rick Ross boasts millions of followers across platforms like Instagram and Twitter. His social media feeds offer glimpses into his extravagant lifestyle, including his love for classic cars and fine dining.

Rick Ross Instagram


Rick Ross Quotes

Regardless of how it goes down, life goes on. – Rick Ross

It’s pretty much a given known fact in the industry that before I was successful, I wrote for other artists. – Rick Ross

Every day, the approach to life changes. And that’s what music is all about to me. – Rick Ross

Money doesn’t make me – I make the money. – Rick Ross

At the end of the day, I’m the biggest boss. I’m self-made. – Rick Ross

Does Rick Ross Own a Private Jet?

Yes, Rick Ross is known to own a private jet, which he often features in his social media posts. The jet is an extension of his luxurious lifestyle and allows him the freedom to travel for tours, business, and leisure.

Why Is Rick Ross So Famous?

Rick Ross’s fame is not just a result of his music but also his business ventures, including his record label MMG and his ownership stake in Wingstop franchises.

His masterful blending of musical talent and business acumen has made him an icon in American pop culture.


Rick Ross is perhaps the most extravagant rapper on the planet, and his vocation in the music business is still new and generally new. He is, therefore, a hard-working human being and the one who believes in God.

He started his career from scratch and made himself a successful man. He is amongst the highest-paid rappers in the world and has also founded his label in 2009, “Maybach Music Group”.

In 2020, Rick Ross’ total assets are assessed to be $40 million. Almost certainly will this expansion sooner rather than later.


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