Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore, with its unique fusion of Asian and European cultures, is really a global metropolis.

Originally established in 1819 as a British commercial colony, after declaring independence Singapore has grown into a global financial powerhouse and one of the world’s busiest ports.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore

Colonial architecture sits comfortably next to modern skyscrapers and centuries-old markets.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore

Travelers who follow the rules will enjoy a wonderful time in this multicultural city, despite the fact that the authorities can be harsh on those who break them. An outline of Singapore’s most popular sights:

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1. Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands resort, the world’s most costly structure at US$5.7 billion when it completed in 2010, is a must-see for any traveller interested in construction expenses.

One of the largest convention centres in Asia, a theatre, the ArtScience Museum, and a number of other entertainment venues are all part of the Marina Bay Sands integrated complex. It also features an artificial ice skating rink.

2. Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is essentially a huge Ferris wheel, but with many advantages, the first of which are the breathtaking sights below. You can take up to 28 passengers on a tour of the city’s skyline in each car.

At 165 metres (541 feet) in height, it was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel when it opened in Singapore in 2008.

The Flyer can make accommodations for guests requiring wheelchair access with prior notice. The station for the Flyer, which is located on Marina Bay, features three stories of dining options, retail, and other amenities.

3. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is one of China’s many temples dedicated to various deities. When a Buddhist temple was first planned for Singapore’s Chinatown in the 1980s, plans were for it to evolve into a more historic structure.

At some point in time, it was transformed into the Temple of the Relic of the Tooth of Buddha, or the Tooth Relic Temple. The temple is in the heart of Chinatown and is a showcase for Buddhist art and culture in Singapore.

4. Night Safari

Those interested in nightlife but worn out by the club scene should visit Night Safari, which features creatures that are active only at night. Since opening in 1984, it has become one of Singapore’s most popular tourist destinations, with over a million visitors taking the tram across seven of the world’s regions each year.

One section features a show about the organization’s work to preserve threatened species through captive breeding programmes, and visitors can also take a trail walk to learn more about the animals’ habits. The cuisine and entertainment at these three eateries are all themed around the jungle or rainforest.

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens are a great place to visit for those on a tighter budget, as all but the most popular area, the National Orchid Garden, are free to the public.

More than 60,000 plant and animal species call this garden home, and it also serves as the site of the first children’s garden in the world. The gardens’ tropical vegetation has been praised by prior guests.

6. Gardens by the Bay

A recent addition to Singapore’s tourist attractions, Gardens by the Bay is not to be missed if you have any interest in gardening at all. Gardens by the Bay is a manmade garden on reclaimed ground in the heart of Singapore.

It has been open for less than ten years. The largest garden, Bay South, features tropical horticulture and features tree-like structures up to 50 metres (160 feet) in height that dominate the Gardens’ landscape. The other two gardens, Bay East and Bay Central, are opening in phases as sections are completed.

7. Raffles Hotel

The colonial elegance of Raffles Hotel represents Singapore to the world. Since its opening in 1887, it has been one among Singapore’s most popular hotels. Famous authors who have been there include Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham, and Ernest Hemingway.

Among its 15 dining and drinking establishments is the Long Bar, where the Singapore Sling was first served.

Uniformed Sikh doormen welcome guests to this historic piece of Southeast Asian architecture at the world-famous Raffles Hotel. The hotel museum is discretely located on the third story, yet the public can access the lobby on the ground floor.

8. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is another area steeped in Singaporean history that has not lost its vitality. The quay near the mouth of the Singapore River, now a popular tourist destination, served as the city’s commercial centre in the 19th century.

It is still a hub of activity today, however the shops, restaurants, and street sellers who call it home draw inspiration from both Asia and Europe. During the day, Clarke Quay is still a bustling market, but at night, it transforms into an elegant entertainment district.

9. Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa is a must-see for anybody visiting Singapore. Hotels, restaurants, a casino, and theme parks fill the island off Singapore’s southern shore, providing entertainment for guests of all ages.

Marine Life Park, Dolphin Island, a water park, and an aquarium are just some of the sea-themed attractions that make sense here. Nightlife and other shows can be enjoyed, in addition to Universal Studios Singapore.

Casino patrons should be aware that proper attire is required in order to access the establishment’s many table games and more than 2,400 slot machines. Guests of the resort can choose from more than 60 different restaurants.

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10. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is Singapore’s premier shopping district, drawing both locals and visitors from around the world. Orchard Road, so called because it once led to fruit orchards, is now lined with shopping centres, upscale restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and hotels.

The Istana, the presidential palace of Singapore, is located there as well. The famously extravagant Christmas decorations along Orchard include reindeers frolicking amid palm palms and gingerbread houses dusted with fake snow.


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