Young Thug Net Worth, Height, Age and Family

Jeffery Lamar Williams also known by his professional name called Young Thug is an American singer,writer and rapper.He born on 16 August 1991,and about 28 years old and 6 ft 3 in (190.5 cm) in height. He born in Sylvan Hills, Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Young Thug is known for his contribution in song writing and is the winner as many prestigious awards. He is also known for his vocal style ,his stage performances and for his dressing style.

What You Want to Know?

Young Thug Net Worth

He is the most successful hip hop artist and as of 2020, his net worth is estimated about $8 million dollars. He anually earns around $1 million dollars for his brand endorsement.

He also rents an mansion in San Francisco in which has a movie theater, guest house, 4 car garage and may more, where he can enjoy his day, when he got bored.

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Young Thug Family

He has six children with four women,he had his first born when he was 17 years old.He married to Jerrika Karlae in April 2015 who runs a swimsuit line,before her he also had three wives.

Young Thug Early Life

Young Thug was born in Atlanta,he is tenth of eleven children of his father and mother. He also lived door to door with other popular rappers, he studied till 6th grade and got expelled from the school by his teacher because he break his arm. he also sent to juvenile prison for four years.

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Young Thug Professions

He currently working as a songwriter, rapper, singer and record producer.