Deadmau5 Net Worth, Family, Life, and Profession

Joel Thomas Zimmerman a.k.a Deadmau5 was born on 5 January 1981 in Canada in Ontario her mother’s name is Nancy, and she is a visual artist and father Rodney Thomas Zimmerman is a motor plant worker He has older sister Jenifer and a younger brother named Chris.

Here in this article, You’ll come to know about Deadmau5 Net Worth, Songs, Height, Age, Achievements, family and much more.

Deadmau5 Net Worth, Family, Life, and Profession

He completed his graduation from wasteland secondary school in Ontario and received his first keyboard when he was a teenager.

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Deadmau5 Profession

Deadmau5 started a career in animation, and web designing, and after he entered the music world as DJ He also worked for online music licensing company as a programmer he adopted the name deadmau5 because he found a dead mouse in his computer.

He released album Get scraped in July 2005 and released his second Vexillology in 2006 and released in May 2015. Project 56 a compilation video was released in February 2008. He started his own record as mau5trap in 2007.

He is also featured in several video games. He found an avatar for DJ Hero 2 video game released in October 2010. He also featured several tracks like Ghosts N Stuff. In the year 2015, he left Astralwerks and in December he announced that he can end his career as deadmau5 and will start something new.

Deadmau5 Net Worth

Deadmau5 is a progressive house producer and music industry performer. His net worth is $75 million as of 2019. He is a Canadian unique musician and well known for putting headgear and helmet that reminds Micky mouse to the people.

In 2014 Deadmau5 purchased a $5 million house in Campbellville he used to play video games when he wants to take a break from work. Deadmau5 has received 42 nominations and won 15 awards.

Deadmau5 Net Worth: $75 million

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Deadmau5 Wife

Deadmau5 is engaged to a tattoo artist Kat Von D in 2012 and break up after a one-year relationship later in 2013. He married to Kelly Fedoni in 2014.

Deadmau5 Age

His age is 38 years born on January 5, 1981.

Deadmau5 Height

His height is 5 ft 9 inches (1.75 M).

Deadmau5 Albums

1. Random Album Title

2. 4×4=12

3. > album title goes here <

4. For Lack Of A Better Name

5. W:/2016ALBUM/

6. Wwhile (1<2)

7. Get Scraped

8. Vexillology

Deadmau5 Songs

1. deadmau5 – “Strobe”

2. deadmau5 – “Ghosts n Stuff” feat. Rob Swire

3. deadmau5 – “I Remember” with Kaskade

4. deadmau5 – “Faxing Berlin”

5. deadmau5 – “Raise Your Weapon”

6. deadmau5 – “The Veldt” feat. Chris James

7. deadmau5 – “Sometimes Things Get, Whatever”

8. deadmau5 – “Moar Ghosts N Stuff”

9. deadmau5 – “Brazil (2nd Edit)”

10. deadmau5 – “Aural Psynapse”

Deadmau5 Quotes

There are some guys out there who make great music who may or may not be super-emotionally attached to their work. To each their own. – Deadmau5

I’m just a little artsy-fartsy computer dude. – Deadmau5

I like to think of ‘the studio’ as a laboratory where I can go in, learn tricks, apply, revise, and release. I’d figure I had about the same emotional attachment to my craft as a guy over at NASA does over… NASA stuff. – Deadmau5

I don’t believe there’s a cap on creativity and passion. – Deadmau5

I’m not a DJ. I play live and think we put on a show. That’s it.  – Deadmau5