Will There Be A Bird Box 2

When the 2018 film Bird Box premiered on Netflix just before Christmas, it sparked a major conversation in the film industry.

After years of stagnation in production, Netflix finally acquired the rights and cast Hollywood heavyweight Sandra Bullock as the film’s lead. It was an enormous success by any measure. Indeed, a sequel to Bird Box was inevitable.

Will There Be A Bird Box 2

In the first four weeks after its premiere, Bird Box has the second-most total streams of any Netflix original, behind only Extraction.

Although it’s easy to overlook now, Bird Box’s modest budget (about $20 million) compared to its overwhelming popularity was a tremendous win for the streaming platform following a major setback with the Will Smith-led Bright which aired the year prior.

Despite its flaws (it now has a Rotten Tomatoes score of only 63%), Bird Box proved that Netflix could successfully use original, star-driven films to fuel its service. Because of this, the streaming giant found it difficult to reject the idea of a Bird Box sequel. There will be a Bird Box sequel.

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What You Want to Know?

Will There Be A Bird Box 2

The original Netflix film’s premise is straightforward: aliens attack Earth, but they can only harm you if you “see” them. The moment you catch a sight of it, whatever it is, you go temporarily insane and most people choose suicide. Though not universal, that seems to be the normal result.

Malorie, portrayed by Sandra Bullock, is a survivor of this plague who is looked after by a Boy and a Girl. It’s Hollywood, so even though the ending wraps up well, there’s probably going to be a sequel because of how popular the first one was.

Bird Box 2’s Storyline

There’s a sequel to “Bird Box,” and it looks like we’ll be getting another story. Author Josh Malerman penned the source material for the film adaptation of his novel of the same name. Malerman mentioned his new novel, named Malorie, in a recent interview. Malerman provides a wealth of information about the unfolding of this event, which is a major development. Fans have given the book mostly positive reviews.

Malerman claims that the sequel novel Malorie continues the story from where Bird Box left off, with Sandra Bullock and the children having sought temporary sanctuary in the school for the blind. The narrative of Bird Box 2 will also flash forward several years to show what Malorie and the outside world have become by then.

Assuming a planned sequel would match closely to Malerman’s plot, we can expect to discover a great deal after the book’s release. It’s likely that the novel was created with a Bird Box 2 film adaptation in mind as well, something the original film didn’t necessarily have, and the transition to the “big screen” will be a simple one.

Preparing Bird Box 2

Malerman did make a very firm declaration about Bird Box 2, noting, “…it is in development.” That’s about all we know at this point about the formal details of a potential film sequel.

The book’s protagonist is named Sandra Bullock, and since a film adaptation is now in the works, it seems reasonable to presume that Bullock will reprise her part. She has only the one official commitment right now, to make an untitled feature with director Nora Fingscheidt.

Post-production has begun on Susanne Bier’s The Undoing, a television series she directed. Whether or not she would return for the sequel is unknown, but it is hardly a deal breaker as sequels and franchises don’t always have the same director.

With a Rotten Tomatoes audience rating of only 57%, there’s good reason to suspect Bird Box the movie earned more appeal around a gimmicky premise than it did as a solid picture.

A sequel to Malorie on Netflix is likely to receive greater attention after the book has been officially released to bookstores. Based on Netflix’s claim that 89 million households watched the original within its first four weeks on the service, this remake is sure to be a huge hit. It will be intriguing to watch if Bird Box 2 is able to achieve the same level of cultural resonance.

A Bird Box Spanish Spinoff

A Spanish sequel is already in production while we wait for word about Bird Box 2. Netflix is developing a new show that will take set in Spain and be dubbed in Spanish. The movie will take place in the same world as the Sandra Bullock Bird Box.

The script is currently being written by Alex and David Pastor (Carriers and Self/less). Producers from the first film, Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan, will be involved with the sequel.

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Picking Actors for the Netflix Sequel

There isn’t much else in Bird Box 2’s cast that would need to be guaranteed to audiences besides Bullock.

Consistency in casting would face far less obstacles than nearly any other film “franchise,” given that the story ends with Malorie and the kids moving to a new place and meeting new people.


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