How Many Seasons are there of Poldark

Inspired by Winston Graham’s series of historical books, Poldark is a stunning piece of storytelling. It spans five distinct times of year and features romantic relationships, battles, and interpersonal conflicts.

The protagonist, Ross Poldark, returns to Cornwall after serving in the American Revolution and the events of the series take place between 1781 and 1801.

How Many Seasons are there of Poldark

This is the tale of a man who has seen it all and will live through it all, even after his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Chynoweth got engaged and his life and family were nearly destroyed.

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The series concluded in 2019, providing viewers with their last look at the Poldark universe. When the fifth season concluded, the actors involved said that this would be the last summer of the show.

What You Want to Know?

How Many Seasons are there of Poldark

As the protagonist and namesake of the first novel in the series, “Ross Poldark” is at the centre of the British historical drama seen on television.

In 1760, Joshua and Grace Poldark welcomed their first child, Ross Vennor Poldark. George Warleggen and Francis Poldark were three of his closest childhood companions in Nampara.

Later in life, he met Elizabeth Chynoweth and fell in love, but fate had other plans for him. After being falsely accused in a brawl, Ross fled Cornwell and enlisted in the British army to save his life.

Things had changed so drastically in Cornwell during those three years that even Elizabeth decided to alter her original goals.

Ross hires Demelza Carne to be his scullery maid, but then he can’t help but fall in love with her. When Ross returns to his Cornwall hometown of Nampara after serving in the American Revolution, he finds that he must start from over in every respect.

Ross had a difficult run of it, what with his daughter dying as a baby, marrying into a lower social class, and trying to salvage a business venture that hasn’t quite succeeded.

Now, we can’t spill the beans on any of the seasons’ plots because they’re all so unique and challenging and exciting.

The Poldark Final Season: What Happened?

The story’s progression from season to season was revealed in the series finale.

Some of the season’s other plots were also quite different from one another, such as the French invasion and the strange reliance on Honduras.

Ross and Demelza had settled into a nice family life, but then everything changes.

Demelza has joined the Nampara staff as housekeeper and maid while the family is in London.

All of their friends and family, including the newlyweds, are preoccupied with their own lives and issues. Ross and Dwight are spies, and at the end of the book, they travel to France, where Demelza gives birth to their child.

After five seasons of growth, the fifth season concluded the plot, but left viewers hanging with a cliffhanger.

Is Poldark Based on True Events?

The cast and crew of this historical fiction deserve kudos for successfully drawing the audience in.

You could think this is nonfiction because of all the details included.

Not at all! Despite being a work of fiction, the show accurately portrays many aspects of life and fashion from that era, which may lead viewers astray.

An Official Statement Regarding Poldark’s Upcoming Release

There have been five seasons released between 2015 and 2019, and supporters are still holding out hope for a sixth. After five successful seasons, the narrative came to an end.

Therefore, the likelihood of it occurring is extremely low. Despite rumours to the contrary, all five seasons of this show are currently available on various streaming services, including Amazon Prime.

Seasons Aired
Season 1(8 episodes) 8 March 2015-26 April 2015
Season 2 (10 episodes) 4 September 2016-6 November 2016
Season 3 (9 episodes) 11 June 2017-6 August 2017
Season 4 (8 episodes) 10 June 2018-29 July 2018
Season 5 (8 episodes) 14 July 2019-26 August 2019

An Overview of Season 6 of “Poldark”

Since there isn’t much room for development on that subject again, and a future season would likely be centred on a different plot point, it’s generally agreed that the Ross and Demelza tale had the due finale in the fifth season.

With such a large gap between novels, fans may be hoping for a plot that centres on the kids.

The show’s writer has previously noted that there was enough material for at least one more season.

But if the show is brought back to life, we would get our hearts’ desire and more. If the show is revived, we shouldn’t expect it before 2023, and if it is, it will definitely have some intriguing new points of view.

Poldark Wins Numerous Awards

The series, which viewers did not find surprising at all, was nominated for numerous awards at a variety of festivals.

It may not have won many prizes, but just being invited to compete against the best in town is an incredible honour.

Award Category
TV Choice Award (2015) Best New Drama
Special Achievement Award(2016) Best Ensemble, Television
RTS Television Award(2015) Best Make-Up Design – Drama
Torch Award for Excellence(2016) Best Drama Series
BAFTA Awards (2016) Audience Award

In addition, several honors were nominated for the show:

  • Irish Television and Film Honors (2016 and 2017)
  • UK’s Annual Primetime Television Awards (2016 and 2017)
  • 2016 Monte Carlo Television Festival
  • The British Television Society (2016, 2017, 2018)

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Poldark Rating and Review

IMDb 8.3/10, Rotten Tomatoes 83%. An unforgettable tale that materialised before our eyes and captured our hearts at once. Reviews for Poldark were largely positive, and the show’s portrayal of romance and relationships were praised.

The finale has been hailed as the “season with the blend of perfect emotions and the correct amount of craziness,” and it has received widespread praise from viewers.


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