Surfing At The Summer Olympics – Shortboard

As far as we know, this is the first Olympic event to include surfing. In case you were wondering…

What You Want to Know?

Surfing At The Summer Olympics – Shortboard

Where and when will the next surfing session be held? From July 25th to August 1st of 2021, Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach in Chiba, Japan will host the Olympic surfing competition at the Tokyo Games.

Surfing At The Summer Olympics – Shortboard

Tutorial on Olympic Surfing Spectatorship

NBC is broadcasting the Olympics once again, and if you are a cable member, you can watch the coverage online at any time. With an advance payment to NBCSports Gold, subscribers may watch the Olympics anywhere, commercial-free.

Watching live should provide a wide range of coverage, as Tokyo is 16 hours ahead of the West Coast. On the East Coast, you might need to resort to using highlights.

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Anyone in the United States can watch the Olympics on NBC’s network of stations without a cable or satellite TV subscription. Coverage can also be found on NBCN, CNBC, USA Network, the Olympics Station, the Golf Channel, and Telemundo, in addition to the flagship channel NBC.

Each of the major live TV streaming providers includes NBC, albeit NBC may not be available in all markets. FuboTV and YouTube TV will both offer 4K HDR streams of the Olympics.

How Exciting will the Proceedings be?

The two main types of surfing are shortboard and longboard. All competitors in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will surf on shortboards. Any surfboard that is less than seven feet is considered a shortboard.

Common characteristics include a slender build and a sharply pointed nose. Because of their speed and precision, shortboards are more suited to big waves than longboards.

What Criteria will be Used to Rate the Competitors?

Competitors will be scored based on the complexity and originality of their moves. An aerial is an advanced surfing manoeuvre in which a surfer finds a ramp within a wave, launches off the lip, obtains airtime, and then lands back on the face of the wave.

The 360 is a surfing manoeuvre in which a surfer spins in a full circle while in the air and then neatly lands.

Quickness, strength, and naturalness are all factors the judges will consider. Like in other Olympic competitions, surfers will be given a score between 1 and 10 with two decimals, such as 7.91..

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Last Words

In surfing, only one person is allowed on a wave at a time, and athletes can lose points for not giving the surfer who is closest to the wave’s peak priority.


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