Trick Daddy Net Worth, Personal Life, and Musical Journey

A notable figure in the hip-hop scene, Trick Daddy is recognized for his influence on the Southern rap genre. This article delves into Trick Daddy’s net worth, personal life, music career, current endeavors, and his journey in the restaurant business.

What You Want to Know?

Background and Personal Life

Trick Daddy Net Worth

Trick Daddy, whose full name is Maurice Samuel Young, was born on September 27, 1974, in Miami, Florida. Though his exact height is unknown, he is estimated to be around 5’9″.

Trick Daddy is easily recognized by his distinct golden teeth, a common feature in the hip-hop community.

Trick Daddy was raised primarily by his mother, Pearl Brockington of South Carolina, in the Liberty Square housing project of Miami’s Liberty City.

Information about his father is not widely known. He has been married and divorced, and is a father to multiple children.

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Net Worth

As of 2023, Trick Daddy’s estimated net worth is approximately $150,000. This wealth is largely due to his successful music career, despite facing financial challenges over the years.

Career: Rapper, Songs, Concerts

Trick Daddy entered the music scene in the mid-1990s and quickly established himself as a significant figure in Southern rap. His songs often speak of his experiences growing up in Miami’s Liberty City.

His discography boasts hits like “I’m a Thug,” “Thug Holiday,” and “Let’s Go.” He has also collaborated with notable artists such as Lil Jon, Trina, and Twista.

Trick Daddy has performed in numerous concerts throughout his career, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances and raw lyrical prowess.

Current Endeavors: Where Now, Restaurant Miami

After an illustrious music career, Trick Daddy ventured into the restaurant business, opening a soul food eatery named Sunday’s Eatery in Miami. The restaurant has been well-received, offering dishes that resonate with Trick Daddy’s Miami upbringing.

Social Media Presence: Wiki

Trick Daddy’s Wikipedia page offers a comprehensive overview of his personal life and career, including his journey from a troubled childhood to becoming a revered figure in the Southern rap scene.

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Trick Daddy’s influence on the hip-hop genre and his successful transition into the restaurant business underlines his versatility and resilience.

Despite the trials he has faced, Trick Daddy continues to make a mark, contributing to both the music scene and the culinary landscape of Miami. His story serves as an inspiration for many aspiring artists and entrepreneurs.


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