Oprah Winfrey Net Worth, Life, Family and More

Oprah Winfrey is a TV host and author who has a reported net worth of around $3.5 billion. She rose above from poverty and child abuse to become one of the most influential persons of all time. She has an annual salary of a whopping $315 million. Her career in media started when as a teen she was given a job in a local radio station in which she delivered news. Eventually, she got the post in her own show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Here in this article, You’ll come to know about Oprah Winfrey Net Worth, Husband, Height, Age, Achievements, family and much more.

Oprah Winfrey Net Worth, Life, Family

Her show was aired in 140 countries before she switched to the Oprah Winfrey Network or simply known as OWN. It didn’t turn out to be a great hit among the fans as it was expected. In the mid-1980s, she was earning close to $100,000 per year. She then moved her production house to a company called King World. She saw a 40x increase in her salary. Oprah reportedly pocketed $250k. There, she was under a 4-year contract with an annual salary of $1 million.

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She has also been the board member of Weight Watchers. When she joined the company in 2015, she got $43.5 million worth of equity. It’s worth is now more than $400 million. She was at number 6 on Forbes’ list of America’s richest self-made women. She’s also the 1st African-American woman who has touched the billionaire mark.

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Oprah Winfrey Family and Life

Oprah Gail Winfrey was born on January 29th, 1954 in Mississippi, United States of America. Interestingly, her original name was ‘Orpah’ but people continuously pronounced it wrong as ‘Oprah’. She was raised by a teenage unmarried woman. After Winfrey’s birth, her mother with Winfrey shifted to her maternal grandmother’s residence.

The financial condition of the family was extremely bad. She often wore clothes made out of potato sacks. When she was 14, she became pregnant. But soon after her delivery, the baby boy died after he was born premature. Later in life, on a different context, she acknowledged her grandmother’s influence who always encouraged her to speak in public and gave Oprah “a positive sense of herself.”

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Oprah Winfrey Professions

There is no doubt that Oprah Winfrey is an Extremely talented and influential women of all time. Her exploits are well recognized in journalism, TV presentation, entrepreneur, film producing, philanthropist and media proprietor.