Chris Licht Net Worth

It’s Chris Licht, of course. Chris Licht, one of the most well-known TV newsreaders, will have a net worth of $5 million by 2023. The television producer has been in the industry for 30 years.

Since May of 2022, he has served as CNN’s chairman and chief executive officer. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Morning Joe, and CBS This Morning are all shows that Licht is well-known for directing.

After 30 years in the industry as a producer and journalist, he has amassed a sizeable fortune. His known income and assets are detailed below.

Chris Licht Net Worth

What You Want to Know?

Chris Licht Net Worth

Chris Licht is worth $15 million. Journalism and television production account for the vast majority of his income. His annual compensation is rumored to be $3 million. Licht graduated from the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University with a double major in broadcast journalism and political science in 1994.

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He began working for KNBC in Los Angeles shortly after completing his undergraduate degree. Subsequently, he held positions at NBC stations in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Beginning in 2005, he has served as executive producer for MSNBC’s Scarborough Country and Morning Joe.

Licht was promoted to vice president of programming for CBS News shortly after joining CBS in 2011. The next year, he took over as host of CBS This Morning. The show’s ratings and popularity skyrocketed under his leadership. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, for which he took over as executive producer in 2016, saw its highest weekly viewership one month later.

As Chairman and CEO of CNN

Licht was promoted to the position of chairman and CEO of CNN after Jeff Zucker resigned as network president in February 2022. May of that year marked his official takeover of the company. Soon after, he took steps to restrict the use of “breaking news” to truly momentous events.

Licht additionally made an effort to alter the Republican perception of CNN. It’s a shame that the public has lost faith in the media. I think we can be a lighthouse for recovering that trust by being an organization that exhibits the best qualities of journalism: telling the truth to power without fear, challenging the established quo, and questioning groupthink,” he said to the workers on his first day.

“And informing readers and viewers with accurate information and intelligent analysis, while always giving due consideration to opposing viewpoints. He said, “We will and should tell the truth at all times.”

Work as a Writer

The journalist had a cerebral hemorrhage in the nation’s capital in 2010. He recovered and then chose to chronicle his experiences. His 2011 memoir, titled “What I Learned When I Almost Died: How a Crazy TV Producer Put Down His BlackBerry and Started Living His Life,” was released by Simon & Schuster.

Licht Worked for MSNBC and CBS Before CNN

His post-university employment included stints at NBC-affiliated stations in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. After that, Licht joined MSNBC in 2005 and became the show’s original producer alongside Joe Scarborough. Licht was employed by CBS for many years.

Licht joined CBS in 2011 and has since served as the network’s vice president of programming for CBS News, as well as the executive producer of CBS This Morning and the showrunner of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Under his leadership, CBS This Morning became an award-winning program that has received three Emmys and a Peabody.

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According to CNN’s new CEO Chris Licht, the network’s anchors should appear less biased while discussing former President Trump’s unfounded assertions that the 2020 election was stolen. This week, Licht reportedly told network producers that he didn’t appreciate when their team used the phrase “the big lie.”

How much money does Licht have?  After CNN president Jeff Zucker resigned in February, Licht was promoted to his position. Licht earns roughly $3 million per year and has a net worth of around $15 million.

For someone who has established themselves in the television industry, that sum seems fair. In 1993, Licht graduated from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and political science.


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