Is Greg Gutfeld Married? Personal Life, Ex-Affairs, Career Highlights, and More

When it comes to the realm of political commentary and humor, few names stand out as much as Greg Gutfeld. A prominent figure in the media world, Gutfeld is best known for hosting “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “The Five” on Fox News.

However, many people often ask, “Is Gutfeld Married?” In this article, we will satisfy your curiosity by providing information about his marital status, previous relationships, and additional facets of his life, including a brief biography, height, body metrics, and net worth.

Is Greg Gutfeld Married?

What You Want to Know?

Is Greg Gutfeld Married?

Yes, Greg Gutfeld is currently Married to Elena Moussa, who is a model and designer. The couple met while working together in London and tied the knot in 2004.

Since then, their Marriage appears to be going strong, and they both frequently share moments from their lives on social media, including pictures of their vacations and holidays.

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Greg Gutfeld Past Relationships and Affairs

Little is known about Greg Gutfeld’s romantic history before meeting Elena Moussa, as he tends to keep details of his personal life relatively private.

No public records of any significant previous relationships or affairs are available, and it seems that Elena is the main romantic figure in his life.

Brief Bio of Greg Gutfeld

Born on September 12, 1964, in San Mateo, California, Greg Gutfeld had a relatively conventional upbringing. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in English.

He started his career as a writer and soon moved into the editorial field, working for “Men’s Health” magazine before making his foray into television. Over the years, Gutfeld became a recognizable name in American media, particularly after joining Fox News in 2007.

Greg Gutfeld Height and Other Body Metrics

Greg Gutfeld stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches. Despite not being particularly tall, what he lacks in height, he makes up for in presence and personality.

His body metrics are not officially disclosed, but looking at public appearances, he appears to maintain a healthy physique.

Greg Gutfeld Net Worth

As of 2023, Greg Gutfeld’s estimated net worth is around $13 million. His income primarily comes from his television shows, books, and speaking engagements. Gutfeld has also authored several books that have been well-received, adding another revenue stream to his portfolio.

Gutfeld is a published author with multiple titles to his name, covering subjects from politics to humor.

He’s an influential voice on social media platforms, particularly Twitter, where he has amassed a large following. His voice in political commentary extends beyond his shows, often appearing as a guest on other news programs and podcasts.

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So, answering the focal question, “Is Gutfeld Married?”—yes, he is happily Married to Elena Moussa since 2004. Greg Gutfeld is more than just a TV host; he is a multi-talented individual with a wealth of experience in writing, political analysis, and even comedy.

While he remains a public figure in many respects, Gutfeld manages to keep his personal life private yet content, emphasizing the enduring strength of his Marriage.

As a comprehensive look into Gutfeld’s life reveals, he is a man of many layers and continues to be an influential voice in modern media.


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