When And How ‘Harry Anderson Died’ Causes of Died, Funeral, Personal Details, Career Highlights, And More

Harry Anderson, whose charismatic presence on screen, especially in the courtroom comedy “Night Court,” garnered him widespread recognition and appreciation. But beyond the laughs and gavels, who really was Harry Anderson?

Harry Anderson Died

What You Want to Know?

Who was Harry Anderson?

Born on October 14, 1952, in Newport, Rhode Island, Harry Laverne Anderson was not just an actor but also an accomplished magician. Before gracing our television screens, Anderson started his career performing street magic, showcasing his love for the craft.

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Why is Harry Anderson So Famous?

While Anderson was known in the magic circles, it was his role as Judge Harry Stone on the popular TV series “Night Court” that thrust him into the limelight.

Running from 1984 to 1992, “Night Court” showcased Anderson’s unique blend of humor and charm, making Judge Harry Stone one of television’s beloved characters.

Movies and TV Shows

Beyond “Night Court”, Anderson also appeared in other TV series like “Dave’s World” where he portrayed humor columnist Dave Barry. His filmography includes roles in movies such as “It” based on Stephen King’s novel, where he played the adult version of Richie Tozier.


Throughout his career, Harry Anderson received multiple nominations for his work. For his role in “Night Court”, he was nominated for three consecutive Emmy Awards, affirming his talent and impact in the comedic acting realm.

Net Worth

By the time of his passing, Harry Anderson had accumulated an estimated net worth of $10 million, a testament to his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life: Age, Height, and More

Harry Anderson was 65 years old when he passed away. Standing at a height of 6 feet 4 inches, his imposing stature was often softened by his characteristic humor. Anderson’s parents were named Orlin and Eva Anderson.

In terms of his personal life, he was married twice — first to Leslie Pollack with whom he had two children, and then to Elizabeth Morgan.

Harry Anderson’s Passing

On April 16, 2018, the world bid farewell to Harry Anderson. He was found dead at his home in Asheville, North Carolina. The cause of death was stated as natural causes.


Harry Anderson’s funeral details were kept relatively private, reflecting his family’s wishes for privacy during the difficult time.

Social Media Preference

While Harry Anderson hailed from an era before the boom of social media, he did have some presence online. However, he wasn’t known for being particularly active on platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Legacy and Influence

Beyond the confines of a courtroom comedy set, Harry Anderson left a mark not only as a talented actor but also as a passionate magician.

To many, he’s remembered as the quirky, magic-loving judge from “Night Court”, but his contribution to television comedy is undeniably broader than a single role.

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Harry Anderson’s unique combination of comedic timing, love for magic, and undeniable on-screen charm made him a memorable figure in American television.

While he is no longer with us, the laughs, lessons, and magic he left behind ensure his memory remains very much alive in the hearts of fans worldwide.


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