George Farmer Net Worth, An Insight into the Life of Parler’s Chairman

George Farmer is a British political activist and businessman who rose to prominence as the Chairman of the social network Parler. This article delves into Farmer’s life, his associations, and his contributions to the digital platform, Parler.

What You Want to Know?

Net Worth, Age, and Height

As of 2023, George Farmer’s net worth is not public knowledge due to his preference to keep his financial status private. Born in 1989, Farmer is 34 years old as of 2023. Details about his height are also not publicly disclosed.

George Farmer Net Worth

Personal Life: Parents, Wife

George Farmer was born to parents Michael Farmer, a British billionaire, and his wife, Jenny Farmer.

In 2019, George Farmer married Candace Owens, a prominent American conservative commentator and political activist. The couple is known for their strong views and active roles in conservative politics.

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George Farmer and Parler

In 2021, Farmer was appointed Chairman of Parler, a social media platform popular among conservative users.

Since its launch in 2018, Parler has positioned itself as a free-speech alternative to mainstream social networks, attracting high-profile conservative figures and supporters.

From Oxford to Wednesday Club

George Farmer is an alumnus of the University of Oxford, where he studied Theology. His political activism began in his university days when he was part of the Bullingdon Club, a private all-male students’ dining club known for its wealthy members.

Farmer later chaired the Conservative Monday Club, often misnamed as Wednesday Club, a group within the UK Conservative Party known for its right-wing views.

George Farmer: Wikipedia and Beyond

For more detailed information about George Farmer’s life, activities, and political beliefs, his Wikipedia page offers a comprehensive overview.

However, due to the nature of Wikipedia, the information should be cross-referenced with other reliable sources for accuracy.

Social Media Presence: Instagram

Despite being the Chairman of Parler, Farmer maintains an Instagram account where he shares personal moments, political views, and glimpses of his life with Candace Owens.

His Instagram profile offers an insight into his personal life beyond his political and professional commitments.

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From Oxford’s hallowed halls to the forefront of conservative social networking, George Farmer’s journey is a fascinating study of activism and digital entrepreneurship.

As the Chairman of Parler and a significant figure in conservative circles, Farmer continues to shape dialogues and platforms for free speech.

As we look forward to seeing how his influence will further impact the digital and political landscape, his story serves as a compelling narrative of political commitment in the digital age.


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