Who is Adonis Graham Mother

The rapper and French artist Sophie Brussaux are the proud parents of 5-year-old son Adonis Graham, and the Grammy nominee has proudly declared himself “co-parent of the year” on his 2021 album Certified Lover Boy.

In 2018, Drake released the double album Scorpion, in which he confirmed his paternity by rapping, “The kid is mine” and “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world / I was hidin’ the world from my kid.”

This came after he had initially denied Brussaux’s allegations that she was pregnant with his child.

In 2018, Drake addressed the public on HBO’s The Shop about his involvement with Brussaux and the circumstances surrounding the birth of his son Adonis. He said, “We’ve gotten ourselves into a pickle, and we’re both to blame.”

“I can’t wait to start a family and raise wonderful children,” he said. After Adonis’s October 11, 2017 birth, both Drake and Brussaux waited until March 2020 to release any images of their newborn son.

Adonis Graham Mother

“I want to be able to go places with my son and share memories with my son,” Drake said to Lil Wayne on their Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne Apple Music show.

“I don’t want to feel like I got to make people live under this blanket just because of a life decision I chose to be a ‘star’… Simply put, he explained, “I needed to get away from it.

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What You Want to Know?

Adonis Graham Watches a Lot of Basketball

It would appear that Drake has passed his lifelong enthusiasm for basketball on to his son. Drake and Adonis have been seen at numerous NBA games together sitting courtside.

Drake is a strong supporter of the Toronto Raptors, and he frequently brings Adonis to the games.

The two have been seen at multiple Raptors games together, including on February 3, 2022, when they wore identical all-black outfits and raised their cups in unison to cheer on the team.

A second Toronto Raptors game was seen by the rapper and his son on December 7th, 2022.

While watching the game from courtside, Drake and Adonis were spotted dressed similarly in faux leather jackets and white sneakers. Adonis was snapped eating Skittles while grinning alongside his date as they watched the game.

Adonis Graham Mother is a Former Model and Now Has a Successful Career as a Painter

Brussaux used to perform as Rosee Divine in music videos. Her paintings, however, have recently gained her widespread recognition in the art world.

Her vibrant portraits of famous people like Frida Kahlo, the Obamas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Winehouse, and many others combine surrealism, symbolism, and pop art.

In November, she met Pope Francis at the Vatican to give him his commissioned celebrity portrait.

In commemoration of Pope Francis’s concert with and for the poor on November 9, 2019, Brussaux created a painting of the pontiff and gave it to him.

I combined green, the hue of renewal, with red, the United Nations Development Programme’s official color for combating poverty.

Brussaux’s Art Has Taken Her All Over The World

The artist reportedly party-hops like no other, as attested to by the About page of her portfolio.

The artist paints in her studio in Bordeaux, France, and then travels with her works to galleries and museums in cities like Milan, New York City, London, Dubai, Toronto, Paris, and more.

Despite “her 30 years traveling the world,” Brussaux wasn’t born with a penchant for adventure; she majored in foreign affairs in college.

Her Feminist Values Drive Her Provocative Art

She goes by the artist name Sophie B., and her work “fuses cultural iconography, biblical & sci-fi fixtures with ideas that span the daring emancipation of female sexuality, AI in dystopian possible futures, and lapsed spirituality,” as stated on her About page.

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Adonis Graham, Drake and Sophie Brussaux’s 2-year-old son, made his Instagram debut on Monday with a series of gorgeous photographs of the curly-haired charmer.

Two artists came together to celebrate their “beautiful family” in adorable photos of their little child, who is the son of a famous rapper and the daughter of a well-traveled painter. What follows are six fast facts about Brussaux:


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