What Order to Watch Fate Anime

There are many installments in the Fate series for anime lovers to enjoy, but jumping in may seem daunting at first. The best way to feel Fate is in this way. When magi can call upon such warriors, why bother with tales of heroic ancestors?

The Fate series by Type-Moon features a cast that includes heroic soldiers, real-life heroes, and fantastical creatures. In addition, the premise necessitates that they engage in a death match, with the victor receiving a wish.

The Fate franchise expanded from the original Fate/stay night VN to include further VNs, light novels, and even anime and film adaptations of the plot.

What Order to Watch Fate Anime

What You Want to Know?

Fate Series Order:

Here is the Fate Series Order:

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Fate/Stay Night (Anime, 2006)

Shirou Emiya, the show’s protagonist, is the lone survivor of a fire that destroyed much of a neighborhood in Fuyuki City. It’s been a decade, and Shirou is still keeping himself occupied with classes and various jobs.

He also practices the magic techniques that his late adoptive father, Kiritsugu, taught him in secret. Shirou is an average guy who wants to be a hero for justice because he wants to follow in his adoptive father’s footsteps. A chain of unfortunate events would force Shirou to participate in the Holy Grail War.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Anime, 2014)

At first sight, it appears that the first few episodes of the Unlimited Blade Works adaptation of Fate/stay night are carbon copies of the original. When Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka are forced to work together for their life, however, things start to change.

This time around, Shirou begins to build a budding friendship with the more experienced magi Tohsaka. At the same time, Shirou explores his tremendous loathing of her Servant, the mysterious Archer.

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel I to III (Movies, 2017, 2019, 2020)

Again, as with Fate/stay night and UBW, the Heaven’s Feel trilogy seems to imitate the first few days of Shirou’s life going into the Holy Grail War. This time, though, Shirou develops deeper feelings for his longtime friend Sakura Matou.

Unbeknownst to him, Sakura has a secret past tied not just to the Holy Grail War as a whole, but to the entity that has began killing off the War’s participants.

Fate/Strange Fake: Whispers Of Dawn

The Fate/stay night graphic novel serves as the canonical beginning of the Fate media series, however the brand has since evolved into other mediums, with each medium telling a distinct story from a different perspective.

One such work examines subgenres of the Holy Grail War Phenomenon and is based on the light novel Fake/strange fake: Whispers of Dawn.


Despite Fate/stay night’s positive reception as a novel spin on the “battle royale” formula, it’s possible that more versions of the plot exist. The protagonist of Fate/Prototype is Ayaka Sajyou, the lone surviving member of the Sajyou family, who must answer the call of fate and fight in the Second Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City. A warrior rescues her from a mysterious man and other beasts, thrusting her into the struggle.

Fate/Zero (Anime, 2011)

A decade before Fate/stay night’s events, Fuyuki City is the setting for Fate/Zero. This background suggests that Fate/Zero is a prologue to Shirou’s story. Kiritsugu Emiya joins the fray in this iteration of the Holy Grail War.

Kiritsugu, in contrast to Shirou, the innocent, has an obvious advantage as the world-famous mage killer. The Einzberns, his wife’s relatives, also support him.

Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files

The tragic love story between Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern in Fate/Zero is compelling, but Waver Velvet’s bond with his Servant Rider is just as compelling. After starting out as a young magician trying to make a name for himself in the magician’s Association, Waver rose through the ranks to become one of its professors.

Waver, now Lord El Melloi II, is in charge of the Department of Modern Magecraft and is responsible for resolving numerous magical puzzles and issues.

Fate/Apocrypha (Anime, 2017)

What if the Holy Grail War was fought according to the rules of a real war? The Yggdmillennia clan, 60 years after the Third Holy Grail War, wages war on the Mage’s Association.

Black and Red teams (allocated to the aforementioned factions) in this new Greater Grail War are made up of Master-Servant pairs that desire nothing more than for their side to win. And the Holy Grail War isn’t always as simple as it seems, as evidenced by the events in Fuyuki City.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore (Anime, 2018)

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore’s opening events are intentionally vague. In this animated series, protagonist Hakuno Kishinami awakes in an unfamiliar setting with just a Servant for company. He has no memory of his history and must win the Holy Grail War in order to perhaps recover his true identity.

Fate/Grand Order: First Order (Movie, 2016)

The Chaldea Security Organization, which is mostly unknown to the general public, uses the analysis of numerous specialists to predict when possible extinction events might threaten humankind.

The good news is that their 2015 projection already projects a century of peace. There is a stunning declaration of doom for the year 2016 in the verdict. There appears to be no rationale for this, and all Chaldea can point to as a connecting factor are the events of the Fifth Holy Grail War in 2004.

Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE – Divine Realm Of The Round Table: Camelot (Movies, 2020, 2021)

Through the efforts of Operation Grand Order, Ritsuka and Mash of Chaldea are sent back in time to “fix” the Singularities that will destroy Earth in 2016. The Crusades are the setting for their sixth Singularity discovery. The Camelot films, like the other Grand Order media, cover the sixth chapter of the game.

Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia (Anime, 2019)

Ritsuka and Mash, two Chaldeans living in Babylonia, use a time machine to visit 2655 B.C. Mesopotamia. Their plan is to repair the Singularity now so that the world doesn’t end in 2016; instead, they find themselves in a monster-infested area.

The two quickly learn that the fortified city of Uruk is humanity’s last, best chance of survival against the monsters. Gilgamesh, unsurprisingly, has stepped up to lead humanity’s final stand against the monsters. And many Heroic Spirits have begun answering his calls for help.

Fate/Grand Order: Final Singularity – Grand Temple Of Time: Solomon (Movie, 2021)

Along Ritsuka and Mash’s journey to reset the world’s timeline and save Earth’s catastrophe, they encounter the last remaining Singularity. Curiously, their trip concludes in 2016, just as the end of the world is predicted.

Ritsuka and Mash must put an end to Solomon’s schemes at any costs. The official release date for this film is set for July 30, 2021. A portion of the “Observer on Timeless Temple” storyline was adapted for this story, as it had been for the other Grand Order media. The film’s focus is on the Solomon Singularity, the series’ concluding event.

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Beginners may struggle with the ‘Fate’ series despite its widespread popularity because to its compelling tale, high-quality animation, and utter demonic front. The watch sequence of the Fate series might be confounding to newcomers, leading to unnecessary confusion and frustration.

The Fate anime adaptations were kicked off by Studio Deen, but the real excitement started with Studio Ufotable’s Fate/Zero. Some of the original Fate series can even be seen on Netflix.


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