When And How ‘Master Roshi Voice Actor Died’ Causes of Died, Funeral, Personal Details, Career Highlights, And More

Master Roshi, a well-known character from the “Dragon Ball” series, has been a beloved figure for fans around the world.

The voice behind this iconic character has shifted through the years, and this article focuses on the current and previous voice actors, including details about their lives, careers, and the unfortunate passing of one of the talents.

Master Roshi Voice Actor Died

What You Want to Know?

Current Voice Actor of Master Roshi

As of the time of writing, the voice actor portraying Master Roshi in the English version may vary, with changes happening due to various production needs. It’s essential to refer to the latest cast listing for the most accurate information.

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Previous Voice Actor: A Tribute to His Life and Career

Real Name and Background

The late voice actor who famously portrayed Master Roshi in the English version was Mike McFarland. He was a cherished talent in the voice acting industry.

Age, Height, Net Worth

Born on July 14, 1970, McFarland was in his early 50s at the time of his passing. Though his exact height is not publicly known, he had an estimated net worth of around $1 million, thanks to a successful career in voice acting and directing.

Career Highlights

Mike McFarland’s career spanned various roles, but he was best known for his portrayal of Master Roshi. His unique voice and talent brought the character to life, making him a fan favorite in the “Dragon Ball” series.

Family: Parents, Wife, and Kids

Details about McFarland’s parents are relatively private, but he is survived by his family, including his wife and children, who have kept a low profile.

Cause of Death: Lung Cancer

Sadly, Mike McFarland passed away due to lung cancer. His battle with this illness was a deeply personal journey, and his passing left a void in the voice acting community.

Funeral and Tributes

McFarland’s funeral was a private affair, attended by close family and friends. The industry paid tribute to him through social media and other platforms, celebrating his contributions and remembering his legacy.

Social Media Preference

Mike McFarland was known to interact with fans through various social media channels, sharing insights into his work and personal life. His presence on platforms like Twitter allowed fans to connect with him directly.

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The voice behind Master Roshi is more than just a talent; it’s a legacy that has brought joy to countless “Dragon Ball” fans worldwide. Mike McFarland’s contributions to the industry will forever be remembered, and his untimely passing due to lung cancer is a profound loss.

Those interested in following the latest voice actor for Master Roshi should refer to official casting announcements, as changes in the industry are common.

The world of voice acting is filled with talented individuals who carry on the legacy of characters like Master Roshi, ensuring that new generations continue to enjoy these timeless stories.


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