Judge Judy Net Worth

Having a show which is based on some real-time incidences is quite popular among the audience. One such actress, as well as the judge who came about this idea and show, was “Judge Judy”.

What You Want to Know?

Judge Judy Net Worth

The actor and a family judge who is also called Judith Shiendlin is based in America. The actor has been nominated for Emmy’s Award for 14 consecutive years, without winning it not even once.

Judge Judy Net Worth

Being a successful judge in America the actor has a whopping net worth of $440 million as of 2022.

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Early Life

Judith Susan Blum, popularly known by her stage name, Judge Judy was born in Brooklyn, New York.

She got the name Judy Sheindlin after her marriage. She got enrolled at James Madison School and was later sent to American University in Washington DC.

After fulfilling up her college degree in government, Judy thought of pursuing a law degree. In order to fulfill her accomplishment, she went to the Washington College of Law. It was reported that she was the only female student there out of 126 students in class.


After that, she completed her law study at New York Law School. After her studies and passing in a bar examination, Judy was hired as a corporate lawyer for a cosmetic firm.

Judy was not satisfied by her job and later she left it. She took a leave out of her job to raise her two kids. In 1972, she came about and worked as a lawyer in a family court prosecutor for 17 years.

She later became a judge in a criminal court in New York. She prosecuted child abuse and domestic violence cases. She had a tough style of judging and a no-nonsense personality.

She also got featured in columns of the Los Angeles Times and on “60 Minutes”. She also wrote books like, “Don’t Pee on My Leg” and “Tell Me it’s Raining”. She took retirement from her job after hearing over 20,000 cases.

After featuring on 69 minutes, Judy started getting offers to run a show or give guest appearances on the shows.

She came about to star in a show which was based on the real-time court hearings, real cases, and real rulings. She accepted these offers and in 1996, she appeared on a court-based show and remained on television for 15 years.

The show finished its 24th season in September 2019. It had 10 million daily viewers. Many of the viewers said that they are more reliable on Judge Judy than any of those lawyers and Judges of the American Supreme Court.

Her show was the longest-running court show ever to be released on television. CBS extended her contract and due to which the show released four more seasons.

The show was officially ended in 2021. Her new show Justice Judy is all set to air in 2022. Apart from her own show, the actress has also appeared on many talk shows and given guests appearances as well. She published six books throughout her career.

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Although Judy belonged to a law background and was a judge by her profession, Judy came about as an entertainer. She had given many talk shows that have empowered women around the globe.


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