Is Jada Pinkett Smith a Bitch

What happened at the Oscars with the slap heard ’round the world, which left Chris Rock speechless and practically on the floor, was finally decided. What you may call a bitch-slap in the South.

I mean no sexism toward the canine ladies when I say that getting cold-cocked like that is just plain rude.

Chris tried to regain his composure, scarlet cheek and all, while Will Smith yelled at him from the audience member seat opposite his queen of a wife.

Is Jada Pinkett Smith a Bitch

The earthquake-like incident rocked the entertainment capital of the world. Nonetheless, there is a lot to be learned about Jada from all of this. The name Will Smith may make you think this is about him. Think of Chris Rock’s ongoing (years-long) criticism of the Smiths. although that’s not the case.

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What You Want to Know?

Jada is the Focus.

What is happening with the Smiths can be deduced from the current events in Hollywood. As you may imagine, Jada has some problems to solve.

First of all, I should mention that one of my main clients is a business that specialises in hair loss treatments. I also worked as a hairstylist and hair-loss counsellor for 16 years. So, alopecia… is something I know quite a bit about. I am also well familiar with the suffering it causes to others.

Jada is now a stunning black queen. Not even remotely doubtful. But she has to put up with a lot of crap.

Falling hair is no laughing matter. A person’s morale might be crushed by the constant stress of hair loss. And Jada’s suffering is now widely known. Humans place a great deal of importance on their hair because of the role it plays in their sense of beauty, their outer appearance, and their self-esteem.

In addition, losing your hair unexpectedly and without your consent can be a traumatic experience. Jada has shared her struggles with the public with great candour. No treatment exists for alopecia areata.

Even if she had all the money in the world, it wouldn’t alleviate the situation, but she’s finding that sharing her story is therapeutic.

Will Smith’s actions last night at the Oscars, however, provides some insight into the struggles Jada is facing in her private life. So much of Jada can be gleaned from her ice-cold eyeroll in response to a rude remark about his wife’s hair (or lack thereof), which conveys her underlying wrath and grief with startling clarity.

Jokes about her hair go too far. For some reason, this really gets under my skin. Will Smith was drawing a firm line in the sand, exposing their private suffering to the eyes of the public.

A Queen, Jada is.

Is it necessary to say this again? With Jada Pinkett Smith at the helm, she rules supreme in the Smith household. Her husband is a defender of women’s rights and respects her dignity.

Neither of my two husbands has treated me with such respect during our marriages. How did you manage that, Jada?

Will is Sensitive to his Wife’s Suffering.

Will Smith, without a doubt, has empathy for his hurting wife. Will Smith is attentive to his wife, feeling the agony she is keeping secret from everyone else, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and to show her his love while she is hurting.

With a crazy cameraman lurking behind every corner in Hollywood, this is probably not an easy feat. To put up this kind of resistance must be tiring for both of them.

As much as you may think otherwise, chivalry is still alive and well in the silver screen.
I can’t seem to find this man’s white horse anywhere.

It should go without saying that violence is never acceptable. In fact, it’s far from that. On the other hand, I believe that Will Smith could have done anything to harm Chris Rock if he had wanted to.

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As a Man of Honour, Will Defended his Wife.

The message that Will Smith sent with his actions at last night’s Oscars was clear: you cannot degrade the lady I love. That can’t be tolerated. It’s still wrong, even if you’re wealthy. No matter who you are, it is not acceptable to make light of my wife’s suffering.

Will, we understand that you feel like assaulting others is the greatest method to achieve your goal, but we disagree. Very audible.


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