Fetty Wap Net Worth, Age and Height, Family, Career Highlights, and More

Willie Junior Maxwell II also known professionally as Fetty Wap, is an American rapper. He rose to prominence after his debut single “Trap Queen“. He was born on 7 June 1991 in Paterson, New Jersey, United States,and is about 28 years old.

His height is about 6 ft 1 in. Here in this article, You’ll come to know about Fetty Wap Net Worth, Wife, TV Show, Height, Age, Achievements, family and much more.

Fetty Wap Net Worth, Height, Age

What You Want to Know?

Fetty Wap Net Worth

As of 2020, Fetty Wap net worth is estimate about $8 million dollars.He is doing excellent work and building his empire. He lives in a rented mansion which cost is $2.1 million dollars.

Besides, he wants to have all the luxury and comfort that why he choose this lavish mansion.

Furthermore,Wap loves cars and he owns GL63 AMG Mercedes Benz, CL63 AMG Mercedes Benz, C63 AMG Mercedes Benz, BMW M6 and Ferrari 458 Italia.

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Fetty Wap Age and Height: A Young Talent

Born on June 7, 1991, Fetty Wap is currently in his early 30s. He stands at around 6 feet 1 inch, his tall stature often accentuating his stage presence.

Fetty Wap Education and Upbringing

Born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, Fetty Wap had a challenging upbringing. Although specific details about his education are sparse, it is known that the rapper dropped out of high school.

Fetty Wap Family

Fetty Wap is a father of seven which are from six women and his first child is born when he was 20 years old with his girlfriend Ariel Resse.

Furthermore, his children Eliza ZaZa Zaviera, born in 2015, with Lehzae Zeona, Amani with Elaynna Parker in 2016, Khari with Masika Kalysha in 2016, Lauren with Turquoise Miami in 2016 and Aliya in 2018 with his ex, Alexis Skyy.

In 2019, he married with his girlfriend Leandra Gonzalez.

Fetty Wap Early Life

When Fetty has glaucoma in both eyes, revealed in a 2015 interview that doctors were unable to save his left eye and instead fitted him with an ocular prosthesis.

He began taking interest in music in 2013. Initially starting off as only a rapper, he later decided to start singing as well because he “wanted to do something different”.

Fetty Wap Family: Parents, Spouse, and Children

Fetty Wap has been known to keep his family life relatively private. He has at least six children with multiple women, including reality TV stars.

Fetty Wap House and Lifestyle

Living the life of a hip-hop star, Fetty Wap resides in a luxurious home equipped with all the modern amenities one could expect for an artist of his stature.

Fetty Wap Professions

Fetty Wap is currently working as an rapper, singer, and a songwriter.

Fetty Wap Songs and Albums: Music that Defines an Era

Fetty Wap first gained national attention with his 2014 hit single “Trap Queen,” which became a cultural phenomenon. Subsequently, his self-titled debut album, “Fetty Wap,” was released in 2015 and included other hits like “679” and “My Way.”

His music often blends hip-hop with elements of R&B, making him a versatile artist in the contemporary music scene.

Fetty Wap Also Known As: The Man Behind the Moniker

Born as Willie Junior Maxwell II, Fetty Wap adopted his stage name inspired by his penchant for making money (‘Fetty’ slang for money) and being inspired by rapper Gucci Mane who also goes by ‘Guwop’.

Fetty Wap Date Apprehended and Legal Issues: A Dark Side of Stardom

Why Did Fetty Wap Get 40 Years?

Although this is based on speculative reports circulating online, it’s crucial to note that Fetty Wap has not been sentenced to 40 years in prison as of my last update in September 2021. While the rapper has faced several legal issues, including drug-related charges, no credible source has confirmed a 40-year prison sentence.

Fetty Wap Awards and Recognition

The rapper has received numerous nominations and awards, including Billboard Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards, which attest to his significant impact on the music industry.

Fetty Wap Social Media Presence: A Window to His World

Fetty Wap is highly active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he engages with fans, makes announcements, and gives glimpses into his personal life.

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Fetty Wap remains an intriguing figure in the world of hip-hop. With a career that has seen monumental highs and considerable lows, his journey is both a testament to talent and a cautionary tale.

While his legal troubles have overshadowed some of his accomplishments, there’s no denying the lasting impact of his music on the industry.