Eddie Murphy Net Worth

Edward Regan Murphy is a famous actor, singer, and comedian born on April 3, 1961. He is a regular cast member and reached fame through Saturday Night Live working from 1980 to 1984. He is a stand-up comedian in Comedy Central with rank number 10.

He received Golden Globe Award for his performances in Dolemite Is My Name, The Nutty Professor, Trading Places, and the Beverly Hills Cop series. In 2007, he won the award for Best Supporting Actor in Golden Globe. He also worked as a voice actor in films like Chinese dragon Mushu, Donkey, and the PJs.

Eddie Murphy Net Worth

He also played multiple roles in Coming to America, Wes Craven’s Vampire in Brooklyn, Peter Sellers, Bowfinger, Norbit, and Meet Dave. His films are blockbusters in Canada and the United States box office. As of 2015, he is the 6th highest-paid grossing actor from the United States.

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What You Want to Know?


Some of the highlights of Eddy Murphy’s career are:

  • The movie Beverly Hills Cop in the year 1984
  • The movie Coming to America in the year 1988
  • The movie Boomerang in the year 1992
  • The movie Vampire In Brooklyn in the year 1995
  • The movie The Nutty Professor in the year 1996
  • The movie Life in the year 1999
  • The movie Shre in the year 2001
  • The movie Dreamgirls in the year 2006
  • For the movie Golden Globes, he won the Best Performance by an Actor in the year 2007
  • Mark Twain Prize was awarded to him in the year 2015
  • Church movie in the year 2016
  • In 2020, he won the First Emmy for the Saturday Night Live

Eddie Murphy Net Worth

His net worth and salary for his career as an actor, comedian, producer, and director is estimated to be $200 million. He is also one of the highest grossing actors in film history.

At the worldwide box office, all his movies have grossed $6.7 billion making him the sixth-highest grossing American actor.

His success is consistent from the late 80s, 90s, and 2000s, in the world, earning $20 million per movie. Eddie has earned over $300 million in salaries.


Eddie Murphy commenced his career as a comedian in the year 1981 for Saturday Night Fever in NBC’s popular late-night comedy show.

He started to work as a stand-up comedian after his first performance as it was a good reach. His humorous sense attracted the audience and instantly he was loved by many people.

He turned out to be the main comedian of the show creating characters like Mister Robinson an urban version of Mister Rogers and Tyrone Green who is a poet.

He made his debut as an actor in the year 1982 starring for 48 hours. The movie Beverly Hills Cop made him a superstar worldwide.

His next movie was a romantic comedy Coming to America which was also a huge success in his career.

In 1996, The Nutty Professor was a blockbuster hit because of his voice role of the donkey Shrek.

Dreamgirls in 2006 was also a hit followed by movies like Tower Heist, Imagine That and Meet Dave.

Early Life

He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Bushwick. His mother worked as a telephone operator and his father was an amateur comedian and also a transit cop by profession.

His father died very soon when Eddy was just eight years old making the family to face tragic situations in life.

So his older brother and he spent their time in foster care as their mother was also ill. Their mother later recovered health-wise and got married for the second time.

His obsession for comedy had grown because of Richard Pryor comedy album where Bill Cosby also influenced him.

He joined the cast of Saturday Night Live at his 19th age, at that time the show was struggling with low ratings where Eddie lifted the show up.

Personal Life

Murphy and his girlfriend Paulette McNeely has a son Eric who was born in 1989. With girlfriend Tamara Hood he has another son named Christian who was born in 1990.

He has a longtime relationship with Nicole Mitchell where they lived together for two years and got married in The Plaza Hotel in New York in the year 1993.

Mitchell and Murphy couple have five children. In the year 2005, they got divorced due to irreconcilable differences which got finalized in 2006.

After his divorce, he started to date Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Brown gave birth to Angel Iris Murphy Brown in 2007.

In 2016, he had a daughter with Paige Butcher with whom he was dating since 2012 followed by a son in 2018.

They got engaged in 2018 whereas a tribute to his late brother who died because of Leukemia their child’s middle name was named Pays.

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Eddie Murphy is undoubtedly a popular actor throughout his career from the late ’80s. His net worth will also continue to increase as he is such a talented person with great potential.


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