Vince McMahon Net Worth

Vincent Kennedy McMahon was born on August 24, 1945. He is a wrestling promoter and also a famous football executive for America.


Where he is also serving as the owner as well as the founder of Alpha Entertainment with both Chairman and CEO positions.

He worked at the beginning as a commentator for WWE to help out his father where he graduated in the year 1968 from Carolina University.

He purchased WCW in the year 1990 followed by ECEW in the year 2006. Later in 2014, he launched WWE Network.

He is well known by his unique ring name is Mr. McMahon as he is also a professional wrestler.

He won world champion title for two times. Followed by Jess and Vincent he is the third member pf McMahon generation of wrestling.

Vince McMahon Net Worth and Salary

As of recent estimation his net worth is $1.6 billion as he is a very famous personality in terms of wrestling, producing, commentating and promoting.

He earned a lot of fame as well as high level of fortune in the Entertainment world of Wrestling. He also holds a number of shares with a worth of nearly 28.7 million shares in stock of WWE.

B shares and total outstanding shares are also owned by him with 80% voting power in WWE.

The shares owned by WWE are not constant success as it was hit with 50% of its loss for almost six months. He also re-launched XFL football league by selling his shares.

He made a gain of $272 million for selling a share worth 3.2 million with the subsidiary of Alpha Entertainment.

He is also planning to invest again in XFL for its re-boot with a rough estimation of nearly $500 million where the wholesome is his own money.


WWE is known worldwide and has a huge number of fan followings but the founder of this huge company was his father.

McMahon started his work in the year 1971 where he was held a small responsibility of promotion.

Vince was known as a in-ring announcer at the beginning for All-Star Wrestling program where later he turned out to be a go-to play-by-play commentator later in his long-term career.

He not only served as a assistant for his father but also earned a prominent role in a huge organization of WWE.

His father died all of a sudden in the year 1984, where it made McMahon and his wife as the owners of the company. Hulk Hogan became the face of WWE, as he was recruited by him.

“Rock & Wrestling Connection”, was a creative idea put forward by McMahon to bring pop stars in the story lines of wrestling gaining many audience worldwide.

Wrestle mania was later turned into WWF which become a sports entertainment. World Wrestling Federation (WWF) is one of the most watched TV program enterprise of a billion dollar.

Early Life

Vince McMahon was born in North Carolina in the state of Pinehurst. At Vince’s earliest age his father left the family.

His mother Victoria had a number of relationships thus with a help of a string of stepfathers, he was brought up.

He had learning disabilities like Dyslexia but managed to graduate in the Fishburne Military School. He also acquired a business degree in the year 1968 from East Carolina University.

Personal Life

He got married with Linda in North Carolina, on August 26, 1966. This couple have two children and also a group of six grand children as they are also maintaining a family business.

WWE headquarters is in Stamford where there living residence is just a thirty minute drive from it situated in Connecticut.

Their Greenwich mansion has a worth of $40 million where he also owns a penthouse worth $12 million in the place of Manhattan. McMahon became a huge talk as he faked death at once in the year 2007.

He donates to America Rising for many Republican Party as he donated over $5 million to the Foundation of Donald Trump and also over $8 million to schools and universities as a source of help.

In 1992 he was accused for sexual assault by Rita Chatterton who worked as a referee. Also, in 2006 he was accused by Boca Raton, a bar worker for harassment but none filed any cases.


At his early life, he struggled so much as his father left the family leaving everyone abandoned. But with the help of his stepfather, he had a successful career in wrestling.

But only because of his innovation and hard work he sustained success whereas a family they unite together and achieved huge victory.


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