The Weeknd Net Worth

The Weeknd is a popular music figure in the industry today. The article talks about his early life and career and accomplishments.

What You Want to Know?

The Weeknd Net Worth

Being among the top artist and producers on the internet, The Weeknd has achieved major early successes in his career. Today, he is recognized for his unique music style and taste. Be it hip hop or R&B or rap, the Weeknd can carry off any performance effortlessly.

The Weeknd Net Worth

Talking about his major achievements, he has sold more than 70 million records in the US alone and has also won many awards including the most precious ones like Grammys. Apart from their music career, The Weeknd has also been quite active in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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He has made many collaborations with various artists and bands and is also a part of his own personal brand which is known by the name “XO”.

When it comes to his net worth, as of 2022 it is estimated to be about $200 million. He has achieved popularity majorly through his YouTube channel. He is considered the richest entertainer in the world.

Early Life

Abel Makonnen Tesfaye, popularly known by his stage name The Weeknd is a popular Canadian artist as well as a producer. The artist was born on 16th February 1990. He was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

His parents got divorced during his childhood, as a result, he was raised entirely by his mother and grandmother.

The family got emigrated to Canada in the late 1980s. Tesfaye belonged to the Ethiopian heritage, as a result, he got to attend the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The artist started using drugs at the very tender age of 11.

He was highly into smoking and drugs, as a result, he committed various crimes in order to make money for his drugs.

Early Career

Tesfaye got his inspiration for his stage name, “The Weeknd” from the fact that he left his high school and home for his music career on a weekend.

During the early days of his career, Tesfaye got involved with the producer, Jeremy Rose who used to produce songs for Tesfaye on which he used to rap.

Tesfaye then started uploading those songs on YouTube and instantly achieved a good number of responses and followers on his channel.

He also took the attention of Drake. His first ever breakthrough was a mixtape, “House of Balloons”. The album was his first major success as an artist. During his first-ever live concert, Tesfaye thought of collaborating with Drake which they did.

The two artists had a great time collaborating with each other with Tesfaye giving the opening performance for drake during the performance. Later, the artist released two mixtapes and was approached by many record producers and artists for collaboration.

Personal Life

Throughout his music career, Tesfaye had many relationships including that with major celebrities like Bella Hadid.

He got involved with Bella in 2015, but later the duo got separated in 2016. He got into Salena Gomez in 2017 but later got separated. Later on, he returned to Bella again, but they were again separated in 2019.

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The Weeknd has achieved major milestones in his career in rapping and music. Today he is among the most popular artist around the globe. His hard work and competence in music brought him to this point in his life.


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