Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The Korean men’s sabre team took home the Olympic gold medal at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 games.

On the fifth day of Olympic fencing competition, nine men’s teams competed in Makuhari Messe Hall B in the Chiba prefecture of Tokyo.

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Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Gold medal match: Olympic and three-time world champion Korea vs. Italy (final score: 45-26). Hungary beat Germany for third place, 45-40.

Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

According to Korean player Bongil Gu, “we adopted a strategy of mixing attacking and defensive tactics to confuse our opponents” and ultimately lead to victory. The other fencers on our squad were different from the ones we faced in the last Olympics [London 2012] and were very motivated to win a medal.

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We had a lot lower position in 2012, so the mentality and pressure are very different now that we are rated number one, and we did not want to let down our fans and supporters.

Aldo Montano, the Italian Olympic champion, has announced that he would retire following the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Since winning gold in Athens in 2004, my life has been full of great highs and lows, injuries, and medals of various metals (including silver).

Now that I’m 42, I’m proud of my accomplishments and pleased with the way things are going with my team.

“I am quite thrilled,” said Hungarian athlete Tamas Decsi after receiving his first Olympic medal. “I had won European and world medals and many others, but not an Olympic gold.” That’s why it was so crucial for me and my group.

I was terrified when the Germans staged a comeback in the last moments, but I waited for the final touch and celebrated with joy when Aron [Szilagyi] completed it.

Actually, I am aware that Aron is one of the top sabre fencers in the world, and everyone can see now that it is not an easy position to be the last fencer in a team match, and we also know that Hartung is a very excellent fencer. He and the Germans deserve our praise; they performed admirably.

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Last Words

Korea took first place in the men’s team sabre competition, followed by Italy (silver), Hungary (bronze), Germany, Egypt, Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United States of America (USA), and Japan (ROC).


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