Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Herjavec based BRAK Systems, a Canadian compiler of web security package, and sold it to AT&T North American nation (now Allstream INC.) in 2000 for $ thirty 2 million.

In 2003, he based The Herjavec cluster, currently one among Canada’s largest data technology and laptop security corporations, with over $ two hundred million a year.

He has been featured within the CBC tv series Dragons’ Den and therefore the bedrock series, Shark Tank, during which he’s associate degree capitalist. His worth is calculable at $200 million.

Herjavec received the 2012 painter & Young, Ontario bourgeois of the Year Award, Technology and Queen Queen of England II jubilee palm by the governor of North American nation- 2012 for Outstanding Service to North American nation.


Some of the highlights of his career are:

  • IBM boards for the manufacture of emulation
  • General Manager role
  • BRAK Systems works
  • AT&T Canada organization
  • Dragon’s Den featured in 2006, a famous TV show
  • Shark Tank in the year 2009, TV show
  • Driven book in the year 2010 on How to Succeed
  • The Will to Win book in the year 2013

Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Henry Martyn Robert Herjavec may be a Canadian man of affairs, investor, and tv producer with a web price of $ two hundred million.

Several square measure at home with Henry Martyn Robert due to his appearances on the popular TV series Shark Tank, wherever he explores business start-up ideas and concepts expressed by competitors.

He conjointly appeared within the Canadian program, Drag’s Den. Additionally to his role as a TV temperament, Herjavec may be a really productive man of affairs.

The engagement capitalist started a powerful state supported Cyber security and is one among the foremost productive stories of a Canadian migrant.

Robert Herjavec may be a Canadian-born Canadian capitalist, man of affairs and TV temperament.

Herjavec is that the founding father of BRAK System, a Canadian compiler of web security package. He later sold the corporate to AT&T North American nation for $ thirty.2 million.

As of 2020, Henry Martyn Robert Herjavec’s worth is calculable at $ two hundred million, creating him the richest capitalist and bourgeois.


In the mid-1980s, Herjavec worked on variety of productions as a 3rd assistant director, as well as man and Abel and therefore the come of Billy Jack.

He was the sphere producer of worldwide TV for the 1984 Olympics in Bosnia.

Seeking employment among the product, Herjavec applied for an edge at Logiquest marketing IBM mainframe imitation boards.

He didn’t qualify for the position, however he assured the corporate that it’d offer him with a free six-month contract.

Paying taxes throughout this “free” time, Herjavec waited for the tables. Eventually he rose to prominence and have become head of Logiquest.

In 1990, when being laid-off from Logiquest, he based BRAK Systems, a Canadian compiler of web security package, from the basement of his home.

BRAK Systems sold to AT&T North American nation (now Allstream INC.) in March 2000 for $ thirty.2 million.

He then became the VP of selling at the Ramp Network, that was sold to Nokia for $ 225 million.

In 2003, Herjavec based The Herjavec cluster, a mix of security solutions, seller and project manager.

Herjavec cluster is one among Canada’s quickest growing technology corporations and is that the largest technology security supplier within the country.

The corporate grew from 3 workers with $ four hundred,000 in sales in two hundred3 to $ 200 million in annual revenue.

In October 2017, Herjavec was misled by “email prankster” James Linton as chief executive officer of the corporate, inviting him to a cloak party. The counterfeit account was later derived to official guesses.

Herjavec appeared frequently on the Canadian CBC TV series Dragons’ Den (seasons one to 6), and within the us on the bedrock program of the series.

Shark Tank, wherever business platforms from aspiring entrepreneurs were conferred to a panel of potential investors.

Herjavec’s most productive investment within the show is that the $ one hundred,000 100% share within the jersey company squiffy Elves.

Herjavec won 3 Gemini Awards as a part of the Drag’s Den for Outstanding Reality Show in North American nation.

Herjavec conferred the awards at the 2013 artistic Arts honor Awards and within the Mr.On February twenty four, 2015.

Herjavec was proclaimed in concert of the contestants for the twentieth season within the reality series terpsichore with the celebrities.

Her partner was Australian dancer (and later wife) Kym Herjavec. On could five, 2015, throughout a double removal, Herjavec and Johnson were removed and eliminated in sixth place.

Early Life

Herjavec was born in 1962 in Varaždin, European nation (formerly Yugoslavia), and grew up in Zbjeg. Consistent with Herjavec,

“He drank heavily and same dangerous things regarding Communism. He was confined twenty two times for being associate degree anti-Communist.”

The family eventually settled in Toronto, wherever they lived within the basement of a family friend’s home for eighteen months. For Herjavec, WHO didn’t speak English, the transition was troublesome.

Growing a farm and being raised by his grandma among neighbors with similar lifestyles.

He currently found himself in a very a lot of poorer economy than Herjavec’s father got employment at a mill in Mississauga, creating $ seventy six every week.

Herjavec quotes his father, describing him as “a terribly troublesome man,” as a serious influence in his life.

Herjavec delineate her memory of spermatozoon, once she came home in the future to complain to her mother that her classmates were teasing her.

Her father, who accustomed attend work to save lots of cash for the bus ride, came home, and once he detected what his son was oral communication.

He schooled his son never to complain, that became a tenet in Herjavec’s life, that he same took away his sense of spirit.

Personal Life

They split in July 2014 unmarried in early 2016. He had dangerous thoughts when the breakup of his wedding.

In Gregorian calendar month 2019, a decide dominated that Herjavec ought to pay her ex-wife a number of the issue of the marriage.

In September 2015, Herjavec reaffirmed her relationship with former dance partner and Stars mate Kym Johnson. On Feb twenty seven, 2016, the 2 engaged.

On July thirty one, 2016 they were married in LA, California. In Gregorian calendar month 2017, parliamentarian and Kym declared that they were expecting twins.

In 2017, Herjevec’s ex-girlfriend, Danielle Vasinova, World Health Organization had been geological dating him from 2013 to 2015.

Suspect him of rape when inculpatory him of making an attempt to each of those suits were disbanded in mid-2018.

The allegations against parliamentarian were born while not money compensation, and Vasinova apologized to parliamentarian and his family.

Herjavec incorporates a range in path, Toronto, within the space. The mansion was dominated by lights like archangel Bublé, John Travolta, Jagger and Bono.

Herjavec paid $ seven.5 million for the mansion, that was shown on MTV Cribs and Joan Rivers’ television program How did You Get therefore wealthy ?

Herjavec has several different vacation homes. Herjavec’s passion is to chase cars, and to participate within the Ferrari Challenge.

Herjavec competed as # 007 for The Herjavec cluster sport team within the North yankee Ferrari Challenge Series, wherever she won the novice of the Year title in 2011.

In 2012, Herjavec was named Grand Marshal of the 2012 Honda Indy provincial capital. He’s a full of life automotive collector with a couple of rare cars in his assortment.

He contend at the 2010 Canadian gap ceremony sponsored by Royal Bank of North American nation at Royal St George’s Golf Club.

He has conjointly competed within the 2011 the big apple town Marathon and also the 2010 Miami Marathon.

He’s certified by the association of Diving Instructors as a shawl driver and owns many Ducati motorcycles.

Herjavec may be a major donor to the homeless Union Union Mission Mission in city, Washington, when being two-handed over to her organization by her pastor.

World Health Organization consulted along with her to trot out her depression when her wedding folded.


Parliamentarian Herjavec sings among different businessmen like Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary on the television program ‘Shark Tank’.

Herjavec is associate unbelievably prospering businessperson World Health Organization has worked with a number of the most effective entrepreneurs within the business.


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