“Paul And Gary O’Donovan” 2016 European Rowing Championships

Paul and Gary O’Donovan, of West Cork’s Skibbereen Rowing Club, shocked the world at the 2016 Olympics by capturing Ireland’s first-ever rowing medal.

What You Want to Know?

Paul And Gary O’Donovan

Paul explained the activity by saying, “You just kind of pull on the oars and race other people.”

Gary and Paul were sitting next to Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard on the Graham Norton Show after they won an Olympic silver medal, gave a series of viral interviews, and had a slogan that entered the Irish phrase book.

Paul And Gary O’DonovanPaul And Gary O’Donovan

Although poor Marion probably didn’t understand a word the men said due to their thick West Cork accents, they are now pushing relentlessly toward their goal of competing in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

A pair of Irishmen, Paul O’Donovan and Fintan McCarthy, took home the World Championship.

The Irish lightweight double sculls repeated their 2018 World Championships gold medal performance, earning them a trip to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.

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It Wasn’t Paul And Gary, Though;

It was Paul O’Donovan and Fintan McCarthy, yet another Olympic-caliber oarsman to emerge from the Skibbereen club.

According to Gary O’Donovan, who qualified to row with Paul at the World Championships in Austria, “Fintan was faster than me last summer.”

Due to an early season injury, Gary fell behind in 2019, and Fintan surpassed his times during the trial for the Austrian World Championships.

Gary, meanwhile, is keeping his head up: “If you are not in the boat, you are not in the boat and you just have to get on with it.”

In Light of The Boat’s Qualification For The 2020 Summer Olympics, The Only Remaining Question is: Who will be Rowing it in Tokyo?

“You can sit there and not be in the boat,” Gary adds, “or you can drive on, train hard, and attempt to get back in the boat.”

Paul O’Donovan, who has won four world championship gold medals and an Olympic silver medal, will not be assured a spot in the boat in 2021 due to the intense rivalry at the Skibbereen rowing club.

Five oarsmen are now competing for two spots in a boat that is widely considered to be the favourite to win Olympic gold at the Tokyo Games.

Rowing superstars Paul and Gary, along with the McCarthy brothers (Fintan and Jake) and 2017 World Champion Shane O’Driscoll, are in the running. There are six titles at stake, but there isn’t much of a gap between the top five contenders for each world championship.

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Gary claims that the competition to make the Irish lightweight double is even more intense than that of the World Championships.

Four of those six World Championships have gone to Paul, and he is considered to be in a class of his own even among the world’s best rowers.


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