Logan Paul Net Worth, Height, Age and More

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Logan Paul Net Worth, Height, Age and More

Logan Alexander Paul is an American actor and internet personality. Paul first gained fame through video shared on the former Internet video service Vine, afterwards after the stage was closed, went on Facebook and YouTube. In Paul’s television and film work, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Weird Loners, and Roles in Movies, The Thinning and The Space Between Us.

Logan Paul Real Name

Logan Paul’s Real Name is – Logan Alexander Paul

Logan Paul Parents

Logan Paul’s Father Name is – Gregory Allan Paul

Logan Paul’s Mother Name is – Pamela Ann Stepnick

Logan Paul Age

Logan Paul’s Age is – 23 years (Born 1 April 1995)

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Logan Paul Hit Movies

  1. Chainsaw (2015)
  2. The Thinning (2016)
  3. The Space Between Us (2017)

Logan Paul Source of Income

Logan Alexander Paul is an American actor and internet personality.

Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul Net Worth: $14 Million

Logan Paul Height

Logan Paul’s height is 6 ft 2 inches (1.88 m)

Logan Paul Girlfriend

Logan Paul’s  Name is – N/A

Logan Paul Career Highlights

Here are the best highlights of Logan Paul’s career so far:

  1. Began creating videos for Zoosh (2005)
  2. Dropped out of university to pursue social media (2014)
  3. 10th Most Influential Person on Vine (2015)
  4. Law & Order appearance (2015)
  5. Stitchers appearance (2016)
  6. Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2017)

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Logan Paul Quotes (Most Popular)

I’m aware that my rhymes are super intelligent. It’s ’cause I’m in the zone. I’m avatar in my element. I’m rhyme bender, here to stay, resident. — Logan Paul

Hey Jake, I made one phone call. I got the same house as you. Same cars too, its not that hard. Oh hey by the way welcome to the top little brother. — Logan Paul

The goal with my content is always to entertain, to push the boundaries, to be all inclusive in the world I live in. — Logan Paul

Hey yo, if you want to get the girl of your dreams, it’s not about the diamonds or the pearls or the fancy cars, or about the business class tickets to the Maldives. You just need to get your famous friends to sing on a track with you. — Logan Paul

When you ask me my opinion I’m always sure to be your minion. Girl, you’re kinda like long division. Everything is difficult. Help me help you. — Logan Paul


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