Lil Dicky Net Worth

The real name of Lil Dicky is David Andrew Burd, where Lil Dicky is his stage name. He is known famously as a rapper as well as a comedian in America.

Ex-Boyfriend became so popular on April 25, 2013, as it reached more than one million views in YouTube within one day.

His debut album released in 2015 with the album title Professional Rapper. A worldwide fame song Freaky Friday was launched in the year 2018 as it features Chris Brown.

The 2019 video that features many actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Charlie Puth, Kevin Hart, Wiz Khalifa, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, and Justin Beiber with the title “Earth”.

The album Earth was released to uplift awareness among society in terms of climatic change, Pollution and also to safeguard the environment.

A portion of this album’s earnings was also donated to different environmental charities. In 2020, FXX featured Dave, a series on Burd’s biography with a comedy touch.

What You Want to Know?


Lil Dicky’s notable events that took place in his life within a short span of his career are:

  • Too High in the year 2013 which became a huge sensation.
  • Pillow Talking released in the year 2015 was a great hit.
  • Professional Rapper Album took off his career in the year 2015.
  • Freaky Friday released in the year 2018 also had a great influence on his career.

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Lil Dicky Net Worth

He has a net worth of $8 million as of the year 2020. His online sensation paved a way to enter music industry registering him as a great entertainer in both Industry as well as YouTube.

With Fetty Wap he turned out to become a legendary rapper using Snoop Dogg where he don’t limit his talents as a comedy series released in FX with his efforts.

He went to musical tours at the very beginning of his career namely,‘Professional Rapper Tour’ which took place in the year 2014.

Followed by ‘Looking For Love Tour’ in the preceding year of 2015, and two tours namely ‘(Still) Looking For Love’ and ‘Dick Or Treat’ in 2016.


He is considerately successful in his career because of his rapping where all his raps uplift the song of any type.

Despite songs, he is very much talented in domains like screenwriting as well as comedy.

Most of his rap songs has a comedy inflection which made him be unique among other such rappers.

He is one among the rappers to rule YouTube with over 7 million subscribers where the views cross 1.7 billion and much more.

Freaky Friday has 600 million views making a statement in social media. His debut So Hard was released in the year 2011 which also had a comedy scene.

He was doing an advertising job for two years before his debut single release. Following the success of Ex-Boyfriend, he made 32 songs featuring in 15 videos.

To again restart his phase 2 in rapping he asked for funds from his fans as he ran out of money after his series of releases.

The kick starter was successful according to desire giving him $70,000 for his official journey of rapping in Phase 2.

He made a live performance in Philadelphia in the year 2014. He opened his studio album in the year 2014 named as Professional Rapper.

The albums reached number 1 position in US charts and also 7th position in Billboard Hot 200.

In 2017, Pillow Talking topped the list of Top 50 most expensive videos. Earth was released in 2019 featuring celebrities. He released a fiction of himself named as Dave in 2020 for FXX.

Early Life

He was born on March 15, 1988, at the Township of Cheltenham in Pennsylvania. He got graduated in the year 2010 from the University of Richmond with a top mark.

Where later he moved to San Francisco to work in the accounting department for an ad agency. He is from a Jewish Family of upper-middle-class.

He presented his monthly report as a rap which is considered as his first rap ever. Looking at his creativity, he was moved to the creative department where he worked for advertising campaigns.

Real Estate

He paid $2.5 million for an impressive cottage in the year 2018 in Venice, CA which covers 2,162 square-foot being surrounded by a white picket fence.

It is a good two-floor home with a premium space and rooms for guests adjoined by a guest room along with a master suite.

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He rose to fame after the music video ‘Ex-Boyfriend’ release, but before that he waited patiently and worked hard for his accounting ad agency work.

The video became an overnight sensation crossing millions of views on YouTube. As he became very popular, it became very easy for him to get collaborated with many artists.


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