Karate At The Summer Olympics – Kumite And 75 KG

Karate’s final match at its Olympic debut seemed to have everything that makes combat sports exciting, right down to an extraordinary finale that should have made spectators eager for more of a martial art fighting for a place on future Olympic programmes.

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Karate At The Summer Olympics – Kumite And 75 KG

Rather, a convoluted, confused penalty for a kick that was supposedly too exceptional for karate terminated the men’s over-75 kilogramme kumite gold medal match.

Karate At The Summer Olympics – Kumite And 75 KG

Sajad Ganjzadeh, a seasoned pro, took on Tareg Hamedi, a rising star, for the championship at the legendary Budokan. Even Iran and Saudi Arabia, two countries with very convoluted histories, were represented by karatekas.

Ahead early on, Hamedi unleashed the tournament’s final magnificent shot, a left-footed kick that found its mark on Ganjzadeh’s head and upper body and gave Hamedi a 1-0 lead.

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Hamedi knocked out the Iranian champion with a back kick, sending him sprawling on the mat with his eyes glazed over.

Hamedi, who has supposedly won the first Olympic gold medal in Saudi Arabia’s history, jumped for joy and gave out a loud shout.

After 50 years of fighting, karate finally made it to the Olympic stage, and the journey there was nothing short of dramatic.

After Conferring, The Judges Decided to Disqualify Hamedi for a Hansoku, A Very Significant Rule Infraction.

Officials did not immediately provide a public explanation for their decision, although in the Olympic form of karate, competitors are penalised for completing their strikes to the fullest extent.

Strikes that would make MMA fighters and boxers famous and wealthy are banned from this competition because of the risk they pose to spectators.

Hamedi, only 23 years old, fled the mat in tears rather than making history. His later response exemplified the kind of self-control and wisdom one would expect from a world-class karate practitioner.

Hamedi Added Through A Translator,

“If you ask me if I agree or not, I disagree, of course, because I adore the gold medal.”

Nonetheless, I am content with my performance and will respect their judgement. There is nothing I can think of to say in opposition to this. I think I played nicely. That’s all I can say.”

After waking up backstage, Ganjzadeh discovered he had won an Olympic gold medal and went onstage to claim his prize.

“I regret that the last match had to go like this,” Ganjzadeh remarked.

Hamedi’s silver medal still was only the second ever earned by Saudi Arabia. He shared a heartfelt hug and a combined celebration with Ganjzadeh on the medal podium in another great display of sportsmanship.

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Throughout the three-day event at the Budokan, nearly every contender was asked about the future of their sport. Officials in the karate community were hoping that the Tokyo exhibition would convince the Olympic committee to add the sport to the schedule in Paris.


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