Who is Jordan Poole Girlfriend

Despite his young age, Jordan Poole has already amassed an impressive basketball resume. While playing at Michigan, he gained notoriety that helped him break into the NBA. Jordan has emerged as one of the sport’s rising young stars.

Point guard Jordan Poole is a rising star in the NBA who currently plies his trade with the Golden State Warriors.

Many aspiring ballers have been motivated by his meteoric ascent to popularity. His romance with Kim Cruz has also been the subject of numerous discussions. Find out who the girlfriend of Jordan Poole is and what she does.

Jordan Poole Girlfriend

What You Want to Know?

How Tall is Jordan Poole?

Poole has a height of 1.93 meters (6’4″) and a weight of 88 kilograms. He’s not even close to the standard NBA player height of 2 meters (6 feet, seven inches).

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Is Jordan Poole Married?

As far as we know, Poole is not married but is seeing Kim Cruz. She is a well-known blogger and artist in the Philippines. The Philippines is the place of Cruz’s birth in 1997. She has participated in a number of art exhibitions throughout the Philippines, where she has sold several of her creations.

Dating rumors between Kim and Jordan started in October of 2021. Once, Kim was seen donning one of Jordan’s limited edition tees. She also posted a photo from the Lakers’ game against the Warriors, suggesting the two are dating. But they haven’t come out about being an item just yet.

Jordan Poole Girlfriend

Cruz went to school for Art Business and Multimedia Arts. She started out as a talk show host but eventually followed her heart and became an artist. As of the year 2023, Kim Cruz’s Instagram account has 423k followers. She regularly updates her followers with pictures from her modeling, traveling, and cosmetics adventures on the site.

Where is Jordan Poole Girlfriend Kim Cruz From?

Kim Cruz, a blogger and an artist from the Philippines, was born in Manila in 1997, and she has been linked to Jordan Poole. Kim is well-known in her home country of the Philippines for the one-of-a-kind artworks she has created and successfully sold at numerous shows.

It is unknown how or when they met. But in October 2021, when Kim was seen wearing one of Jordan’s exclusive jerseys and shared a selfie from a basketball game, fans began to speculate that the two were dating.

Neither Jordan nor Kim has publicly acknowledged their connection, thus information about it is still kept under wraps.

What does Jordan Poole’s girlfriend Kim Cruz Do For a Living?

Kim Cruz is a young, popular Filipino blogger and artist who has amassed a large online following. She entered the world in 1997, and she’s loved the arts ever since. She followed her heart and became a professional artist by earning a degree in the art business and multimedia arts.

Kim is not just an accomplished visual artist, but also a well-read Instagram blogger with over 426k followers. Her fans have access to a variety of visual works, including paintings, sketches, and illustrations.

Her distinctive aesthetic and the honest expression of her feelings in her work have made her a fan favorite.

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As a guard with the Golden State Warriors, Jordan Poole is on the rise in the NBA. His rising star status has piqued the interest of admirers who want to know more about his private life, notably his romantic partnerships.

Poole’s rumored girlfriend, Kim Cruz, has been the subject of much speculation among his admirers over the past few months.

It’s interesting to speculate about who Jordan Poole’s girlfriend might be and what we might know about their relationship given the circumstances.

Neither Jordan Poole’s relationship status nor that of his rumored girlfriend Kim Cruz are well-documented. Despite widespread speculation, neither party has commented on reports of their relationship status.

It’s also worth noting that, despite their high-profile professions, both Poole and Cruz have managed to keep their personal lives largely under wraps.

Even yet, Poole’s recent huge contract extension with the Golden State Warriors has sparked even more speculation about his personal life in the media and among fans.


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