J. Ilardi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

For the most part, Jake Ilardi would rather stay in the shadows. He prefers to let people like Zion Wright (also from Florida), a fellow member of the USA squad and park hero, and Nyjah Huston (a global legend and brand unto himself), who appear to need the limelight like the rest of us need air.

After edging out handrail whiz Jamie Foy, the modest Ilardi stated, “I’ve simply always enjoyed skating, as long back as I can remember.” Ilardi is the third and final qualifier for the United States’ three-rider deep men’s street team.

J. Ilardi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Skateboarding is my life’s passion, so it’s only fitting that I get to travel the world as an ambassador for the United States of America.

When Ilardi is out and about, be it on the courses or at a street spot, you can always tell since he is wearing his headphones and seems to be immersed in his own world.

He prefers to speak little more than through his skating, and his skating is often loud enough to be heard from a distance.

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Learning Something New at the Olympics

The sport had a rocky start and a negative reputation in the beginning, but its Olympic debut will change that, he claimed. We’re not causing disturbance or vandalising property; in fact, it looks like it could be an Olympic event.

It will eventually become more well-known. More people will start skating as a result. There will be more skaters as a result.

Ilardi thinks the rest of the world will value the sense of community as much as he does. Skate course rivals are more likely to regard each other like comrades than opponents, and the scene’s general atmosphere of embracing may come as a surprise to outsiders.

There is an underlying kinship among skaters, who all appear to experience the world in a unique but similar way. “I feel like it’s just one big family,” said Ilardi. When you spot a skateboarder, you always wonder, “Oh, what’s up?” So you skate? Huh, that’s neat. It’s mechanical in that way.

It’s as though we’re all on skates and having a good time. He has climbed to unexpected Olympic heights inside the scene he adored all those years ago. “We’re not really worried about who’s the best or who’s doing the gnarliest stuff,” he has stated.

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On the skateboard, we’re just having a great time and taking pleasure in one another’s company. That’s how it is,”

For Ilardi, there is that aspect of skateboarding as well as the other. When the competitions begin in Tokyo, he is a man to be wary of because of his reputation for appearing out of nowhere and stitching together unbeatable lines of tricks. Thanks for reading our article


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