How to Make a Boomerang on Snapchat

It’s indisputable that Snapchat has managed to succeed despite intense competition from other social media platforms. The most persuasive argument is that they are always improving their product by introducing new features.

Thanks to Bounce, a function that works like Boomerang, a lot of people are having fun with this service.

How to Make a Boomerang on Snapchat

What You Want to Know?

How to Make a Boomerang on Snapchat

Snap’s Bounce feature has quickly become one of its most sought after additions. Like Instagram’s Boomerang, it works on the same principle of repeating an image over and again. If you want to find out more about Snapchat’s Bounce and how it works, keep scrolling down.

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Snapchat’s Boomerang Rival, “Bounce”

A few years ago, Instagram and Facebook introduced services that were direct ripoffs of Snapchat’s Stories. A few years later, Snapchat followed suit with its own version of Boomerang called Bounce. It’s no surprise that this function has been dubbed “Snapchat’s Boomerang.”

But in reality, Bounce and Boomerang is a little different. Both Boomerang and Bounce have a looping feature that lets you focus on a particular scene by repeatedly playing it. Snap’s other video recording mode, Bounce, allows for much longer clips than those allowed by Boomerang.

After you’ve finished recording a video, you may access the Bounce slider by tapping the infinity icon. This slider controls the start and stop points of the loop. About a single second of the video is lost. You may compare Bounce to a boomerang in a lengthier video.

The video can be looped and a select segment played over and over again with Bounce. This function is perfect for posting comedic clips or videos that need to be highlighted at a specific point.

The Secrets to a Successful Snapchat Bounce

Creating a Boomerang in Snapchat style is a breeze. In addition, if you’ve used Instagram’s Boomerang before, you won’t have any trouble getting the hang of this. To insert a Bounce into an existing video, start recording it and then select the “infinity loop” button.

However, your Snapchat app may need to be updated before you can play Bounce. Users often have trouble accessing Bounce due to incompatible software. All the newest features, like Bounce, are now available to you thanks to the updates.

You can begin creating Bounces once the software has been updated. The Snapchat Boomerang tutorial is as follows:

  • Initiate Snapchat’s access from your app drawer.
  • To activate the camera, press the button.
  • A capture button can be found in the screen’s central lower region.
  • Hold down this button to start recording a video Snap.
  • You can stop recording by letting go of the button.
  • A Bounce should be performed if the outcome meets your expectations.
  • Select the infinity symbol on the screen’s right side.
  • When you click this, a Bounce setting slider will appear.
  • Drag the slider to select a subset.
  • To Bounce back to the beginning of the video, slide it to the left.
  • Once you locate the appropriate component, have a look at the preview.
  • If you’re not happy with the part, change it.
  • If you like what you see, show it to your friends and family.
  • Select the white arrow button located in the screen’s lower right corner.

Share the gif with your friends or include it in your Snapchat Story. A Story post is only up for 24 hours.

This is how you create a Bounce on Snapchat. It’s a major deal for Snapchat, even though Instagram and Facebook offer something comparable. Let’s assume there’s another way in which people can enjoy using this service.

Modifying Your Jump for Maximum Fun

There are a variety of ways you can personalise your Bounce to make it more appealing. Stickers, text, and even links may be readily added to the video, just like they can to any other Snap. The right side of the Bounce screen is where you’ll find all the settings for modifying your experience.

Simply select the T button and start typing to add content. If you click the pen icon, you can also freely write or draw. Choose the post-it note if you think adding some stickers will greatly improve the visual appeal of your Bounce.

Exclusive to Apple’s iOS

Users of the Android operating system will be unable to access this function. Snapchat’s Bounce feature isn’t accessible on Android devices. Because it is still an iOS-only feature, Android users will need to find another method to enjoy looping video.

The Instagram app can be used to make a looping video even if Bounce for Android isn’t available. It’s a little different, but it’s still a fun way to share a loop on Snapchat. You can make a Boomerang in Instagram, save the video, and then share it on Snapchat.

The Snapchat Apps That Can Replace Bounce and Boomerang

Whether you’re an Android user or an iOS user whose device doesn’t support Bounce, you have options. You can utilise video loop without Bounce with these settings. Read on for more possible substitutions:

1. Standard Circularity

An appealing video can be created with the help of Snapchat’s regular loop feature. Before Bounce was released, Snapchat already had this capability. This option allows you to loop a video without the typical back-and-forth movement.

The instructions for using this function are very straightforward. Double-tapping the infinity symbol initiates a standard loop. You can now enhance the video’s impact.

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2. Endless Photo Ops

In addition to Bounce, Limitless Snap is available as a looping mechanism. Limitless Snaps are already available before Bounce, just like normal loop. All it takes to activate it is to tap the infinity symbol. There’s a slider where you may set the number of snaps to play from one to infinity.

Comparable to the popular Bounce app, Limitless Snaps gives users a fresh perspective when sharing tales or communicating with friends. If you can’t use Bounce because your gadget doesn’t support it, just get creative with your video.

Well, learning how to make a boomerang on Snapchat shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Creating a Snap and Bounce is as easy as recording a short movie. Make sure you have the most recent version of the programme installed to take advantage of all its features. However, Android users have options than the standard loop that they can think about.


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