Gene Wilder Net Worth, Age and Height, Family, Causes of Death, Movies and More

Jerome Silberman also known professionally as Gene Wilder, was an American actor. He was born on 11 June 1933 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. He died at the age of 83 in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. He is about 5 ft tall.

He was the son of Jeanne and William J. Silberman, a manufacturer and salesman of novelty items.His father was a Russian Jewish immigrant.

With his third wife, Gilda Radner, he starred in three films, the last two of which he also directed. Her 1989 death from ovarian cancer led to his active involvement in promoting cancer awareness and treatment, helping found the Gilda Radner Ovarian Cancer Detection Center in Los Angeles.

Gene Wilder Net Worth

What You Want to Know?

Gene Wilder Net Worth

He earned his net worth mainly by starring in movies,his net is estimated about $20 million dollars. Gene Wilder home sold his home which is located in Bel Air for $2.75 million dollars. Recently, that house is bought by Elon Musk for $6.75 million dollars.

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Gene Wilder Vital Stats: Age and Height

Wilder was born on June 11, 1933, and passed away on August 29, 2016, at the age of 83. He stood at an average height of 5 feet 10.5 inches, but his on-screen presence was anything but average.

Gene Wilder Education and Early Life

Born Jerome Silberman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Jeanne and William J. Silberman, Gene Wilder decided to adopt his stage name from a character in a Thomas Wolfe novel. He studied Communication and Theatre Arts at the University of Iowa and later studied at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England.

Gene Wilder Family

Wilder married with four girls during his life time, he found his first wife when he was studying. But, eventually got separated in 1965, After few months of his divorce, he start dating Mary Joan Schutz, a friend of his sister.

Schutz had a daughter, Katharine, from a previous marriage. After marrying Schutz, he adopt the  Katharine that same year of his marriage. But, Schutz and Wilder separated after seven years of marriage.

Wilder found his third wife, Gilda Radner on August 13, 1981 while filming for his film and they become inseparable friends after some time, and decide to get married. They want to have a child ,but Gilda suffer from miscarriage and died because of oval cancer.

Wilder met with his fourth wife, Karen Webb, who was a clinical supervisor for the New York League for the Hard of Hearing.

Webb coached him in lip reading. For his film role, but they fall in love with each other and got married. The two lived in the same house Wilder once share with Gilda.

Gene Wilder Personal Life: Spouse, Affairs, and Family

Spouse and Ex-Affairs

Gene Wilder was married four times. His third wife, Gilda Radner, passed away from ovarian cancer, and their love story remains a poignant chapter in his life.

Did Gene Wilder Ever Remarry After Gilda Radner Died?

Yes, Wilder remarried in 1991 to Karen Boyer, a speech therapist, and they remained married until his death in 2016.

Who Was the Love of Gene Wilder’s Life?

Although Wilder had multiple relationships, his love for Gilda Radner was often cited as the most emotionally significant in his life.

Kids and Nephew

Wilder didn’t have any biological children but became a stepfather to Radner’s daughter from a previous relationship. He was also very close to his nephew, Jordan Walker-Pearlman, who later became a filmmaker.

Gene Wilder Residence: A Glimpse Into His House

Gene Wilder lived in various locations throughout his life, including a famous home in Stamford, Connecticut, where he spent many of his later years.

Gene Wilder Early Life

Wilder first became interested in acting at age 8, when his mother was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and the doctor told him to “try and make her laugh”.

At the age of 11, he saw his sister, who was  performing onstage. He asked her teacher if he could become his student and after two years he accepted him as a student.

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Gene Wilder Professions

During his lifetime he  worked as an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, singer, songwriter and author.

Gene Wilder Career Milestones: A Filmography Like No Other


Gene Wilder’s cinematic journey commenced in the early 1960s but his breakthrough role was as Leopold Bloom in the 1967 film “The Producers,” for which he received an Academy Award nomination.

His film credits include unforgettable performances in “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein,” and of course, “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.”

Gene Wilder Awards and Honors

Wilder was a two-time Oscar nominee and won an Emmy Award for his guest role on “Will & Grace.” His talent was celebrated with multiple other awards and nominations throughout his career.

Gene Wilder Social Media Presence

While Wilder’s heyday predated the social media era, his impact and legacy continue to be celebrated on various social media platforms by fans and cinema historians alike.

Gene Wilder Friendships and Collaborations

How Did Richard Pryor Feel About Gene Wilder?

Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder had a memorable on-screen partnership, appearing in several films together. Despite some professional differences, Pryor had immense respect for Wilder, referring to him as one of the funniest men he’d ever worked with.


Gene Wilder’s contributions to American cinema extend far beyond his roles. His larger-than-life characters, sense of humor, and remarkable range as an actor make him a timeless icon.