Who is Eminem Ex Wife

After dating musician Eminem, Kimberly Ann Scott, aka Kim Mathers, rose to fame in the late ’90s. They were together for ten years.

The two were a perfect fit in the eyes of their friends, coworkers, and fans. Although they had been together for quite some time, they were also notorious for their frequent fights.

What You Want to Know?

Who is Kim Scott?

Eminem Ex Wife

Kimberly, sometimes known as Kim Scott, is best known as Eminem’s ex-wife. Their romance was widely reported on in tabloids during the 1990s and the early 2000s. Kim’s life began on January 9, 1975, however she did not enjoy a happy childhood.

Kim and her twin sister had to flee their home in Michigan the year they were born, 1988. A teenage shelter outside of Detroit, Michigan provided refuge for the pair.

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Her Relationship with Eminem

Kim and Eminem have known each other since they were little. Both were teenagers when they first met in 1987. Apparently, tensions began to rise between them in the 1990s.

They dated for a while and had their only child, a daughter named Hailie Mathers. After the birth of their daughter Hailie in 1995, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level.

In 1999, Eminem and Kim tied the wedding and started their new lives together as husband and wife. To their dismay, they began encountering some rough seas.

Two years later, they divorced, but remained friends. They got married again in 2006 and divorced the following year.

How Did Kim Scott And Eminem Meet?

When Eminem first met Kim, it was during a house party in 1988. It seems that the two clicked instantly and began dating, going on to become high school sweethearts. They started a family in 1995, after dating for seven years.

In 1999, they made the decision to officially be married. However, they had marital difficulties and eventually split up in 2006. Although they married again and divorced again in the same year, their relationship went through a lot of ups and downs.

Since then, Kim’s life is believed to have deteriorated as she turned to drink and drugs. Kim recently made headlines after she reportedly attempted suicide in 2021 and was subsequently hospitalized.

Where Is Kim Now?

Kim appears to be hiding out after her second suicide attempt in 2023. We don’t know what Kim does for a living, but her rumored $2 million net worth comes largely from her divorce from Eminem.

According to the Twitter account @wegotthiscovered, she may be found in the Macomb, Michigan, suburbs.

Kim Was a Suicidal Person

The gossip suggests that Kim Scott has a history of suicide ideation. After stories of her suicide attempts spread, individuals traveled to her house in Michigan to check on her. When they arrived, the woman became defensive and subdued.

The next step was to bring her to the hospice for a full physical and mental checkup. This was not Kim’s first attempt at ending her life.

In October of 2015, she had already made one try at it. Kim said in an interview that her ex-husband talked her out of suicide thoughts. She added that, despite their divorce, Eminem has been there for her.

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Were Married Not Once, But Twice

Eminem and Scott started dating as high school students after meeting at a house party in 1988. They had their first child, a daughter named Hailie Jade, in 1995. Scott and Em got married after dating for four years.

However, they had a troubled marriage, which Slim Shady sang about, and they split up in 2001.

However, in 2006, the couple reconciled and remarried. But after only a few months of marriage, they decided to split up again. Scott reportedly receives annual payments from her ex-husband totaling over $50,000 as part of their settlement.

The Rapper Released a Notorious Song About Her

The hip-hop star dropped a bombshell about his ex-wife in 2000. Scott told People that she went down a very dark path after hearing the music where Eminem discussed murdering her and airing their dirty laundry.

She admitted she beat a doll meant to represent herself after witnessing her then-husband’s performance of the song on stage.

Scott described the feeling of “everyone being stared at” as the crowd responded with cheers, singing the songs, and laughter. “That night, when I got home, I tried to kill myself because I knew it was all about me.”

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Kimberly Ann Scott, better known by her stage name, Kim Scott, is an American television personality and former wife of the rapper Eminem.

It’s common knowledge that they had a rocky relationship. Kim was born on January 9, 1975, making her 47 years old.

It is reported that the two met when they were quite young and fell in love at first sight. Throughout the 1990s, the two were inseparable, and thanks to their relationship with the famous rapper, Kim was household name.

They tied the knot, and now they’re parents to a little girl called Hailie Jade Scott Mathers. Detailed information on Kimberly Ann Scott is provided below.


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