Difference Between Super G Downhill And Giant Slalom

Alpine skiing is probably what comes to mind first when you think of skiing. Going downhill on a pair of wooden planks requires the use of only your lower body and the force of gravity.

What You Want to Know?

Difference Between Super G Downhill And Giant Slalom

There are four different types of downhill skiing competitions at the Winter Olympics. Alpine skiing encompasses four distinct disciplines:

downhill, super slalom (or Super G), giant slalom (or Giant Slalom), and slalom. Both the first and second events emphasise speed, but the third and fourth are considered more technically challenging since competitors must make a series of sharp bends through tight gates.

Despite their superficial similarities, each of these four competitions actually calls for very distinct abilities on the part of the athletes that participate.

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Let’s Look at Two of them, the Super G and the Giant Slalom, in More Detail here.

In the Giant Slalom, skiers race down the mountain while passing through a succession of tight gates spaced at various locations around the course.

Gates are spaced 10 metres further apart than in the Slalom event because to the greater course length and increased technical difficulty of making sharp bends between them. For each competition, skiers do two runs, and the total time is recorded.

The Super Giant Slalom, or Super G, is a speed event in which each skier takes a single run. In comparison to the Giant Slalom course, this one is far longer and features a steeper decline in elevation.

Downhill races still require athletes to successfully negotiate a set of gates, albeit these gates are spaced widely apart than in the Giant Slalom to allow for the greater speed involved.

Mikaela Shiffrin is the most well-known member of Team USA. She has earned more medals than any other American skier in history despite being only 26 years old.

2018 was her year to shine in the Giant Slalom, and she did just that, taking home the gold. The oddsmakers think she will win another gold medal in the women’s Giant Slalom (+250) this year.

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Last Words

Ryan Cochran-Siegle is a Vermont native who has already competed in the Winter Olympics once. He took home the Super G medal at the 2020 World Cup, and he’s shaping up to be in peak form for the 2022 competition.

His +1500 odds to win the Super G put him in the greatest position of any American male skier.


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