Chris Zylka Net Worth

Hollywood has produced some of the finest collections of actors and actresses across the globe. People are dying to meet and interact with them. They consider them as their role models and idols in their life. The stardom of these Hollywood celebrities is something beyond the reach of a common man. They have a different lifestyle and way of life.

Because of all these actors and actresses, the industry is making a huge profit out of this. This industry has contributed a lot to the country’s economy. The movies not only get released in the USA but they are also released in various countries that too in various languages. This led to people around the world getting to know these stars which contributes to the growth of their fanbase.

Today, Hollywood movies are easily available on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, etc. making it easier for people to find their favorite stuff of their desired actors at their ease.

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What You Want to Know?

Chris Zylka Net Worth

One such actor that came into popularity through Hollywood movies is “Chris Zylka”. He’s an actor and a model who originally belongs to Ohio. Though he is not much known to the public, yet he has made an appearance in so many shows and movies in Hollywood. It was reported that the actor has recently got engaged to Paris Hilton. Talking about his net worth, as of 2021, it is around $4 million.

Early Life

Chris Zylka was born in small-town Warren, Ohio on the 9th of May 1985. Since Chris was close to his mother, his stage name was derived from his mother’s maiden name which is of Ukrainian descent. Talking about his education, Chris completed his graduation from the University of Toledo.

Then, he started his acting career in the year 2008. He was recently into the spotlight when major news came up. Chris got engaged to Paris Hilton. It was reported that her engagement ring cost around $2 million, which almost shook everyone.


Talking about his career, he got serious with his acting career in the year 2008 after he got graduated. Then after he appeared in various popular TV shows and films. He made his first appearance in the TV show ‘90210’. After the success of that show, he got offers from various TV shows and films. His next major break was in his show, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’.

After that, he was seen in the majority of other such shows and films. He also gave guest appearances in various shows. In the year 2011, the actor was ranked 90th on the list of Sexiest Men on TV on Buddy TV. Some of the popular TV shows and films, Everybody Hates Chris (2008), 90210 (2008-13), 10 Things I Hate About You, Kaboom (2010), Shark Night, Piranha 3D (2012), and many more.

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These were some of the popular works and projects are done by Chris as of 2021. Apart from them, Chris was also involved in many commercials and advertisements. Overall, he gained a lot of stardom from his Hollywood projects. He also has Real Estates in his name.


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