Who is Chris Brown Mom

Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, is well-known in the music industry. She’s a famous actress and businesswoman in her own right, in addition to being well-known as Brown’s mom.

Keep reading to learn more about Brown’s mom Joyce’s background and upbringing. When you’re famous, your entire family is scrutinized along with you.

Chris Brown, however, need not worry about this, since his mother Joyce Brown has never avoided the cameras and the duo have frequently been photographed and shared online.

Joyce’s drastic makeover has left everyone speechless; she appears to have an entirely new appearance. Here are some before and after pictures that show how much the singer’s mother has changed.

Chris Brown Mom

What You Want to Know?

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Joyce Hawkins

American singer and composer Christopher Maurice Brown’s mother is Joyce Hawkins. She’s famous on the internet for her business acumen and online presence.

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On October 7, 1964, she entered the world in the United States. In astrology, she’s a Libra. The 57-year-old woman’s ex-husband, Clinton Brown, was her spouse for many years.

Her ex-husband Clinton was a corrections officer at a local facility. The former couple’s union was not destined to last forever.

They eventually went their separate ways. Chris was only 6 years old when Joyce and Clinton chose to divorce, but Clinton stayed involved in his children’s life and was interested in everything they did.

How Many Kids Do Joyce and Clinton Have?

Clinton and Joyce have raised two children together; a son and a girl. Lytrell Bundy, the first child born to the couple, was born on November 26, 1981, making her 40 years old today. Chris Brown, the couple’s second child, was born on May 5, 1989. Joyce was the director of a daycare center when she became pregnant with Chris Brown.

Royalty, Aiko Catori, and Desean are the names of Hawkins’s three grandchildren. Clinton, Joyce’s ex-husband, lives a somewhat reclusive existence. He avoids the glare of the cameras as much as possible. Clinton presently resides in Tappahannock, where he maintains a low-key lifestyle.

Joyce Hawkins is an Entrepreneur

Chris’s mom, Joyce, is an entrepreneur in case you didn’t know. She began her professional life as the head of a day care center, and then moved into the world of fashion. Hawkins currently offers her brand of goods at a boutique she runs called Rose Marron.

She has been toiling away at all hours to foster the development of her reputation. The nicest part about Joyce’s line is that her business caters to customers of all ages.

Hawkins is Pretty Active on Instagram

Joyce, like many other A-listers in the entertainment industry, has an Instagram account. She has garnered 431k Instagram followers and has posted 6433 times; her official Rose Marron account has an extra 14.7k followers.

Hold on, we’ll give you Joyce’s Instagram account to peruse if you’re interested. Instagram users can find Hawkins at @mombreezyofficial. She became famous for the timeless photos she posted to Instagram.

What is the Net Worth of Joyce Hawkins?

Reports put Joyce’s wealth at $2 million in the year 2023. She has made an effort to conceal her wealth.

If you’re wondering where all this cash is coming from, know that her main source of income comes from being self-employed. She is currently concentrating on her public image, speaking engagements, and bookings.

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Joyce Hawkins is an American entrepreneur and social media influencer. Known to the public as Chris Brown’s mom. By 2022, Joyce Hawkins will have reached the age of 58.

On October 7, 1964, she entered this world. American singer-songwriter Chris Brown has achieved widespread recognition.

His worldwide album sales are in the millions, and his popularity is only growing. But another relative of the family has recently become a media sensation thanks to a remarkable physical change.

Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, has taken the internet by storm with her amazing new look.


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