Boxing At The 2020 Summer Olympics – Men’s Flyweight

The Olympic boxing tournament in Tokyo was a success, with exciting bouts and a number of fighters who will likely make waves in the professional circuit in the near future.

Despite the lack of a men’s gold medal for the United States since 2004 despite the best games in a long time.

Cuba won the most gold medals with four, while 2016’s powerhouse Uzbekistan came up extremely short with just one. Let’s dive right into what took place in each section.

What You Want to Know?

Flyweight Division For Men:

Boxing At The 2020 Summer Olympics – Men's Flyweight

Gold medalist: Galal Yafai (Great Britain)
Silver medalist: Carlo Paalam (Philippines
Bronze medalist: Saken Bibossinov (Kazakhstan)
Bronze medalist: Ryomei Tanaka (Japan)

Flyweight was the most exciting division with a deep pool of talented competitors, several of whom should go on to make significant contributions in the professional ranks.

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In his run to the title, champion Galal Yafai used a high volume strategy that ultimately helped him defeat former world champion Yosvany Veitia.

Carlo Paalam also shocked the world by advancing to the semifinals, where he defeated Shakhobidin Zoirov, the current Olympic and world champion. The Filipino outside fighter had a terrific run, but he couldn’t match Yafai’s speed and volume in the championship bout.

In addition to the medalists, the aggressive pressure fighter from Colombia, Yuberjen Martinez, and the quick-handed slick southpaw from Spain, Gabriel Escobar, both look very potential for the professional game.

Some of the losers in the round of 32, such as Koryun Soghomoyan, Cosmin Girleanu, and Ramon Quiroga, looked like they could have been better off in the pros than the amateurs.

Men’s Featherweight:

Gold medalist: Albert Batyrgaziev (Russian Olympic Committee)
Silver medalist: Duke Ragan (USA)
Bronze medalist: Lazaro Alvarez (Cuba)
Bronze medalist: Samuel Takyi (Ghana)

Batyrgaziev prevented Lazaro Alvarez, a three-time world champion, from winning the Olympic gold medal he had sought for the past three years. In one of the tournament’s best performances, the Russian outpointed the Cuban with a furious tempo, savvy strike selection, and devastating body head combos.

After a difficult first fight—a highly contentious decision victory over Kistohurry—Duke Ragan cruised to the championship round without any difficulty.

Even though it was controversial, Kurt Walker was able to eliminate the largest threat to his chances by defeating defending world champion Mirzakhalilov. In the end, he came up short, but his silver medal performance was still impressive.

Samuel Takyi won a bronze medal thanks to a series of fortunate events, but at least four or five other competitors in his weight class were more deserving of recognition.

Chatchai Butdee, 36, won a bronze medal at the 2013 global championships, and he was in excellent shape for his final competition. He impressed in his first two bouts and gave Alvarez a tough fight in the quarterfinals.

Even though the seasoned Thai athlete didn’t win a medal due to bad luck in the draw, he nevertheless had a fantastic time competing.

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Danial Shahbakhsh (21) of Iran gave a fair account of himself against Alvarez in the first round before the fight was interrupted due to a cut reopening. Even though he was knocked out in the round of 16, I think he is a breakout fighter in this division.


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