Birdman Net Worth

Bryan “Birdman” Williams is an American artist and a businessman. He has achieved success with his raps. He is also a producer and a member of Young Money Cash Money Billionaire. Bryan’s childhood was difficult and challenging.

Birdman Net Worth

What You Want to Know?


Bryan is a talented artist and therefore few works have been stated below:

1. Founded Cash Money Records: 1991

2. Birdman: 2002

3. Fast Money: 2005

4. 5* Stunna: 2007

5. Priceless: 2009

6. Rich Gang: All-Stars: 2013

Birdman Net Worth

His estimated net worth is about $80 million.

Early Life

Bryan was born to Johnnie Williams and Gladys Brook on 15 February 1967. He was born and brought up in New Orleans.

He lost his mother when he was a kid and his father when he was 27.

Bryan is a sibling to Kim, Ronald, and Ray.

Bryan childhood was full of problems. After the death of his mother, he even lived in Foster care for about two years. Later when his father found that he was living in foster care, he fought a legal battle to acquire the custody of their kids.

Soon Bryan’s father got the custody of Bryan, since then he started living with his father, William, and stepmother Patricia. That was the time when Bryan found himself trapped in some criminal matters. Bryan and his Stepbrother landed into some criminal activities like robberies and drug possession.

Those were the days when Bryan built a relationship with the Correctional Centers. The first time when he was arrested, he was only 16, and then again he got arrested when he was 18 and served the punishment for 18 months.


Bryan when got cleared from all the charges he and his brother Slim, started noticing the hype for the rap songs. They both observed the nightlife of Orleans New Jersey and thought of starting something in the same field. They then collaborated and found their label, Cash Money Records.

To grab the audience they started traveling the whole city in search of the singers and artists who are interested to work with them.

Their first project was with the artist named, Kilo G, whose album “The Sleepwalker” came in 1991 under their label. They also asked a friend to join their company’s in-house production. His second album came in 2005. Then he collaborated with Lil’ Wayne who was the best artist of Cash Money. Both of them published their album on “Halloween” 2006.

On Billboard, their album ranked at 200.

Bryan and his brother’s hard work was not less than anything. Their label is the most successful talk of the town with approx 50 million records.

Then in 2010, he collaborated with his another brother “Ronald” and named the venture “Bronald Oil”, which is a combination of their name. The venture is all about Oil resources and energy. It is still not known whether the venture got that fame ever or not.

Personal Life

Bryan Birdman is a man whose dear ones have left him at a very young age. His mother died when he was a kid, in 1975. His father died in a car accident when he was 27. He then lost his stepbrother with whom he has a criminal record, Eldrick, in a murder case in, 1991. He lost his sister in a car accident as well, in 2001.

Bryan has a big family with 22 siblings out of which 10 are brothers and 12 sisters. He is also blessed with two children Bryan Jr. and Bria.

Bryan loves living his life lavishly. He at one time was an owner of 100 new cars. He was captured many times wearing expensive jewelry. He also owns a 15-carat diamond ring and earrings. He had spent $500,000 for grilling his teeth.

In an incident, he lost his 50 cars and about 20 houses which were very expensive.


Bryan Birdman is a successful rapper and a celebrity of the word. He has earned a lot of fame on his own with his talent.

Bryan lost almost everything in his childhood and also stayed in foster care which made him even stronger. His childhood went like a Roller coaster ride where he lost his loved ones from his family, he went in jail for several months and also lived in an orphanage for two years.

Bryan has seen almost everything in his life which includes poverty as well. He started from scratch and earned a lot from that. Bryan is believed to be the richest rapper amongst all. His personality includes many skills at which he is best. He is also a businessman and a producer.

His label is still in danger because of some clashes with the brother Lil’ Wayne. The success rate is unpredictable in the future aspect.

His total net worth as of 2020 is about $80 million and nothing is stopping him further.


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