Andrew Lincoln Net Worth, Age and Height, Family, Career Highlights, and More

Television shows and movies have always been a great stress reliever for most of us. Watching our favorite shows and movies with our loved ones makes our Sunday night awesome.

All thanks to actors and directors who are working day in and day out for producing such great content and presenting it to us.

This talent is not just limited to Bollywood, but today almost every country has its own entertainment industry set up that produces linguistic content across the world. When it comes to Hollywood, the talent is at its peak.

Andrew Lincoln Net Worth

Most of the actors become an inspiration for many of us. One such actor that has won the heart of millions of people around the world is “Andrew Lincoln”. Throughout his acting career, he has won many awards for his work and accomplishments.

What You Want to Know?

Andrew Lincoln Net Worth

Talking about Andrew Lincoln, he is an English artist and an actor who is best known for his role in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Andrew has featured in many television shows and movies over the course of his career and won many awards throughout his journey.

He is remembered even today for his accomplishments in his acting career. Talking about his net worth, as of 2021 it is estimated to be $16 million. It was reported that Andrew used to charge $650 thousand for a single episode on television.

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Andrew Lincoln Early Life

Andrew James Clutterbuck, also known by his stage name Andrew Lincoln was born on 14th September 1973 in London, England. During his childhood, Andrew’s family got shifted to Hull and then to Bath, where he later attended his secondary school. Andrew was highly interested in theatre and acting.

As a result, during his school days, he got a chance to participate in various acting events and dramas. After completing his school, Andrew took admission to Royal Academy for Dramatic Art in London. During this time, Andrew adopted the stage name of “Andrew Lincoln”.

Andrew Lincoln Career

During his theatre school days, Andrew got an offer for a major role in a British sitcom Drop The Dead Monkey. After this show, he got another offer for the role of “Egg” in the drama This Life in the year 1995.

These roles in British drama came out to be the steppingstone for Andrew, which led him to get future opportunities in the British television and entertainment industry.

He also appeared in some of the prominent shows like The Woman in White, The Canterbury Tales, and Wuthering Heights. Andrew was applauded by the critics for his acting and versatility.

Over the years he earned enough fame that he started appearing in a range of movies like Human Traffic and Heartbreaker. His role in the film Love Actually helped him to break into Hollywood.

His best work throughout his career was that from the series The Walking Dead. He appeared in that show for almost 8 years when he decided to quit in 2018. After that, he joined the film Penguin Bloom in 2019.

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Andrew was never a child who had a silver spoon in his mouth. He started from scratch, worked in theatre productions, and later got the chance to come on television and work in Hollywood.


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